Friday, June 5, 2009

Fighting Words

I woke up last night in a cold sweat. I dreamt that I came home (from somewhere deliciously fun, I'm sure) and that someone had STOLEN my Aqua Globe:

First of all, who would do such a thing? It's not like I paid anything for my Aqua Globe (John's stepmother gave it to me for free!), but it's also not like a person couldn't go up to Bed Bath and Beyond and get 2 of them for like 10 bucks. I guess that's the whole point of stealing though, so you don't have to pay for stuff.

The reason that I love my Aqua Globe so dearly is that it is responsible for keeping a birthday gift of mine alive. Two years ago (the year of the Toga Party), my dear friends Eric and Melissa Martin gave me a beautiful plumeria plant (whom I have affectionately named Penelope). I had always wanted one since I went to their parents' house and they had a beautiful garden full of them (like you stepped into Hawaii for a minute or something.)

However, mine does not look like it hails from Hawaii. Meet Penelope:

Not very impressive, I know. But I consider it a victory of enormous proportions that there are leaves at this point. I was pretty sure that I had killed her after last winter. You're supposed to take her inside right before the first frost in order to seduce her into a dormant winter. (Sounds sexy huh?) So I did that, and all the leaves fell off and it went to sleep for about 5 months. When I put her back out, I repotted her with new soil and a new pot AND plant food. This was back in March. Finally, thanks to the Aqua Globe and the plant food, we have leaves, thus Penelope isn't dead.

This is what she should have at some point:

Beautiful blooms!!! I haven't seen a bloom on her since I got her back in November 2 years ago. So we will see what happens. In the mean time, my neighbors better leave my Aqua Globe alone.


Anonymous said...

just found your's great! can't wait to keep checking in...and your profile pic is AWESOME!!

Wendy said...

I was wondering if those worked. I have a plant who wants one for Christmas. :)