Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend Recap

My weekend consisted of very little. Saturday afternoon, I fell asleep watching my favorite movie in the world (Amelie), while John cleaned the house.
Saturday evening, I attended a birthday extravaganza for this fellow:
Happy 28th Birthday Joey! It was a great gathering with great people. Sunday, was a lazy Sunday. And by lazy, I mean there was a Mr. Gatti's buffet involved. In the parking lot I spied this:

I'm pretty sure that the owners were asleep inside. Or at Mr. Gatti's. On the back of their travel trailer was this. Rand McNally would be proud:

I thought it was a little peculiar that they managed to completely bypass Utah... Anyway, the rest of Sunday consisted of me doing a few craft projects (painting a mirror and an accent table) and then I Kate-napped it until this morning. 13 hours of sleep to cap off a weekend. There's nothing like it.


HipShooter said...

13 hrs? Now I hate you; I think I got 13 hrs total this wkend!

Kate said...

Oh Lauren! Move back to Shreveport already and drop off your daughter with the grandparents or sis in law Elizabeth and Husband for the weekend. Then sleep all you want!

Problem Solved!

HipShooter said...

Unfortunately, she is only half the problem; working til 2am is the other. thanks for stepping up to the plate though!