Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Other Woman

I'm not sure how many ladies actually know what it's like to be the "Other Woman" when you are with a man.  Well, I do!  

Let me just say that being cheated on sucks, especially when it is going on in front of me constantly.  Most of the time I will be in the middle of a sentence, only to see a far away look on John's face.   This is when I know that he is thinking of her.   He would rather be looking at her or touching her, but he doesn't want me to get mad so he tries to play it off and pretend that he was paying attention to me the whole time.

I'd like everyone to meet the Other Woman in John's life.  I call her "Roxanne":

Not only is she a gigantic whore who he pays for a good time, but she also has a BLINKING RED LIGHT!!!!  Could she be more loose?   I think not.  

This is how John behaves when she is around.  He should be socializing with friends, or being the center of attention, Instead:

It's ongoing and I don't know how to stop it.  I try to hide Roxanne from John but it always ends in me getting yelled at.   I've been threatened that if I take her and break her face then he will not speak to me for a very long time.   He always takes her side!!!

I guess at least Roxanne isn't an X-Box...


ASHLEY said...

Kate, I too am a memember of this club, however Chris cheats on me with an iPhone, i wouldn't give the whore a name...I just call it that stupid f'ing phone.. If you find a way to break the habbit, let me know..

misti said...

Oh dearrr...the crackberry. I vote for breaking her face.

HipShooter said...

I feel your pain; however, John is trying to turn us into swingers...he's trying to buy me an iphone as well.

Stephanie Netherton said...

This annoys the heck out of me. I'm sort of beginning to hate cell phones.

Jamie, Jonathan, Beaux and Apollo said...

I think I might be on the other side of this one... I'm awful at being sidetracked by my Blackberry!!

Jennye said...

I am the same way as he is... my phone is permanently attached to my hand.
I'm going to be the first woman to get Carpal Tunnel from texting too much.

Laury said...

leighton has an other woman too.
very annoying.
sometimes i want to throw it out the window.