Monday, June 1, 2009

Weekend Recap

Well, this weekend was slightly more eventful than I planned on it being. I got out of the house for approximately 3 hours on Saturday. Evidence of said outing is a photo of my dear friend Sarah (Sass) and I at her father's 50th birthday party extravaganza on Saturday.

This was the highlight of my official weekend, since my air conditioner decided to be ridiculous and not cool the house down correctly (a technician is coming out this afternoon). My father was nice enough to purchase a window unit for me for my bedroom. This is what it looks like:

For the record, mine only has one hose, yet it has about a pound of duct tape keeping it connected to the window. I try to keep it as Keithville as possible behind closed doors. So, besides laying on my couch and sweating and reapplying the duct tape that was coming loose from the window, I watched some TV and kept it a low-key weekend. I'm hoping that this week perks up from the blah that would classify the former week. Happy Monday!


melissa said...

If I knew your air conditiner was out I would have told you to stay at our house! We were not there. You would of walked around in your panties!

Stephanie Netherton said...

I love Sassy Pants. Also, what room is that in your house?

Kate said...

Thanks Melissa! The air wasn't out, just isn't working correctly.

Steph - I love her as well. Also, it is an example photo, since I was too embarrased to put the duct tape on display.