Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things That I'm Not Over

There are two things that can make me tear up at the snap of a finger. #1 would be for me to think about anything happening to Sue and Keithy to where they were taken away from me, if it be by death, or ninja kidnappers (I doubt that they would be kidnapped because Keithy is very handy, with any type of tool or supply. He was an Eagle Scout growing up and a modern-day version of MacGyver.)

#2 involves the Johnny Cash song/music video for his cover of Trent Reznor's "Hurt." John makes fun of me big time because even at the mentioning of the song, I immediately become inconsolable. A few minutes ago, "Hurt" came on my Pandora and I became a blubbering idiot. I couldn't 'Next' or 'Thumbs Down' it because I'd reached my max in an hour.

When this song/video came out in 2003, it would frequently come on VH1 or MTV or whatever was cool to watch at the time in college. I was not a big Johnny Cash follower, but I knew the basics. Louisiana Hayride. Old school Country music singer. Married June Carter. Man in Black. Folsom Prison. That was about the extent of my knowledge (which was pretty good for someone who didn't care about country, really).

However, when the video came out, I was mesmerized. I couldn't stop watching it. Everytime it came on, I would stop what I was doing and sit and basically weep. It is so moving. Most music videos are about glamour, bright lights, eye catching photography, sex, drugs, fame and fortune. This video is about the complete opposite: Reality.

It shows a weathered Johnny behind a piano and playing a guitar while looking back upon key moments in his life. The video also includes June Carter with Johnny, taking walks with their family and visiting the House of Cash Museum, which has been the victim of a flood and is now pretty much decaying. The images of June and Johnny are enough in themselves to break my heart:

Sure, we've all seen 'Walk the Line.' We all know that they had a rocky relationship. But who doesn't? Just listening to the lyrics of so many of his songs shows how obviously in love with June he was. I hope that my relationship turns out just like theirs (minus the drugs and stuff). June Carter Cash passed away with Johnny at her side on May 15, 2003. He passed away three months later.

Here is the video if you feel like squawling your eyes out, watch it:


Jennye said...

thankfully i'm at work with no speakers on my computer or i'd push play & bawl my eyes with you

Kate said...

Seriously... I nearly cried my eyes out writing that post. John asked me why the crap I would do that because he knows how I get. It's just SOOO good though.

Jamie, Jonathan, Beaux and Apollo said...

Kate, I feel the same- minus the bawling part- I save that for Extreme Home Makeover. Kidding. Maybe.

Peter said...

Never saw this video, but thanks for showing it! Fantastic ... and also I got tears in my eyes. Like you, i knew of course a little bit about the couple Johnny and June and especially remember Johnny's prison songs (Folsom, St. Quentin) but I loved "Walk the Line" and that made me a little bit more "fan"! After this video, I'm even more a "fan"!