Monday, June 1, 2009

Things That Still Baffle Me

Approximately seven years ago I was enrolled at little place called Louisiana Tech University in the thriving metropolis of Ruston, Louisiana. College life was pretty great. It wasn't your typical college experience that you would think a young girl away from home would have. No sorority parties or all night keggers for me. Instead, I was involved with bible studies, outreach programs, staying up late playing Uno.. pretty innocent activities and I am very thankful for them since they kept me out of trouble.

Toward the end of my sophomore year at Tech, I started dating a guy that was great and that I really liked a lot. Right after we started dating, his birthday rolled around and I was a little uncertain as to what I should get him after only dating him for a few weeks. So, after much thinking and polling of friends, I decided on a Cool Water (it takes you back, doesn't it) gift set that ended up costing me (or my mom) around $60. Man, I thought, what a great girlfriend I am! I can't wait for my birthday (that would come six months later in November)!

All throughout the fall I looked forward to what my boyfriend would get me. I was hoping for something creative and thoughtful and one of a kind. That is exactly what I got. Behold, the infamous keychain: (The Front)

And, ladies and gentlemen, The Back:

Yes, that reads "Yeah Baby." I know what you're thinking. "Ya'll dated for six months and he gave you this keychain?" Yes. That was my birthday gift. How thoughtful and creative. I guess that is what I wanted, right? I am still in disbelief that this keychain has still remained findable after so long, but that is one gift that always seems to pop up at the most random times.

Stories of the keychain have been around the block for a while now. Back when John and I started dating, I told him the story of the keychain and since then he has been VERY timid when purchasing gifts for me. He thinks that I will absolutely trash anything he gives me, so he shuts down when trying to be creative (someone help him, please!). So now I just have to tell him what to get me to avoid getting nothing. For instance, I have to say "Get me a pair of cheap earrings if you can't think of anything to get me." Or, "Since you broke my camera, get me a new one for my birthday." He's so scared that I will ridicule anything that he gets me which is absolutely not true. I loved my camera (until it broke, then of course it was all his fault for picking a crappy one, but never fear, I fixed it via the Telephone Book Trick, remember?).

Imagine my surprise, when he came back from his cross-country journey bearing gifts. Yes, I got a foam finger to complete my Foam Fingers of San Diego collection, as well as some earrings and an actual Joshua Tree from Arizona. I got a little something else from Arizona as well:

And the back view:

I couldn't help but laugh when he handed me this Arizona Kate keychain. But bless his heart, at least there was a cute pair of earrings included in my prize baggie!


Laury said...

fun times kate.
i totally forgot about that dumb keychain!
i am still laughing thinking about it!

Stephanie Netherton said...

will the Joshua Tree grow here?

I think the keychain was the best gift he gave you. At least when you put it up against the framed serial killer love poem and the Wal-Mart goldfish.

Brandy said...

That is super funny!
Great Story!

Kate said...

I'm not sure about the Joshua Tree. It looks more sketch than that Bonsai that you gave Brittany (possible vice versa). But we shall see.