Sunday, May 31, 2009

Filthiest Event in Shreveport

Friday evening, after a quick nap, I joined Mr. Mark Crawford at most likely the sleaziest event that I've ever been to (with the exception of Lingerie Night at the Phoenix Underground which I was semi-tricked into going to): The WET Pool Party at Diamond Jacks Casino. For the record, I only went in order to meet one of my favorite radio personalities: Big Al Mack from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning... which I did:

If you can't tell by the photo, yes, he is wearing an ELECTRIC YELLOW shirt with Carlton's portrait. Also, he has a radio face.

After meeting Al, the party took a dramatic nosedive. I spotted the Keithville version of Kate from Jon and Kate Minus Morals:

I also spotted my childhood choir teacher getting ready for some bikini contest action, which grossed me out on MANY levels.

Above you can see him lounging in a pool chair. If you grew up at SGBC, then you should be able to recognize that red hair and strappy man-sandal motif immediately. Creepy.

So once we observed this 'Party' for about an hour we left. Thank God. That place was so sleazy and I did not want to see anymore breasts and cellulite parading around handing out leis (which was probably a euphomism for something), although I did get a free Malibu slap bracelet. Ah, memories from 2nd grade (the slap bracelet, not Malibu).

After our departure, we ended up at Columbia Cafe, where I had never eaten before, and it was DELICIOUS! They even had a 99 Cent Martini Special:

Mark and I caught up on the neighborhood gossip and visited with the Cafe owner, who was super friendly. I hate that I ended up missing the ladies of Bossier parading around in their swimsuits in hopes to win money, but I am more than okay with the pleasant ending to my Friday evening.


Anonymous said...

Such a fun evening!