Friday, May 8, 2009

The Magic of Photoshop

Now, I am not one to normally go out and write something negative about a redhead (unless it's Carrot Top. He is a freak of nature that should be made fun of). However, today as I was hitting "Thumbs Down" on a John Mayer song (why, oh why does he seem to have similar musical qualities to Sting?) I noticed an advertisement where Wynonna Judd is featured. Apparently she has been hired as the spokesmodel for 'Connections' by Hallmark. Of all people, why you would hire this woman to the face of your company is beyond me:

Nevertheless, there she was invading my workspace with her face. However, she didn't look like she did recently in the above mugshot (arrest for drunk driving, bless her heart. GET A CAB WITH YOUR MILLIONS OF DOLLARS! Speaking of drunks, take my poll!), she did manage to look like a completely different person:

Wow!!!! If that is what a little Photoshop can do to a person, sign me up! The magical powers that be have managed to skim off, I'd say, about 50 lbs. She lost her other chin!!! And her NECK! I would love to lose my other chin. (Come on Slim-Fast and tennis. I have a high school reunion looming in the near future if you didn't read the first time I talked about it. Must. Look. Hot.) I wouldn't mind being enhanced in all photos, especially the one-armed ones that I like to take of me and my friends when we are too lazy to get up and ask someone next to us to take it. See for yourself:

So after some Googling, I remembered that Wynonna is the spokesmodel for another company. Alli (the diet pill, not Britney Spears' cousin). Maybe she lost all that Photoshop weight on her own (with the help of Alli of course). But for whatever reason, I doubt it.


Stephanie Netherton said...

Is this a Reba concert pic?

Kate said...

You mean you couldn't tell by my expression?

Jennifer Kirby said...

THAT was a one-armed picture of you and Steph?? Not bad actually! At least you have long arms. When I take one-armed pictures they are WAY too close up b/c of my short stumpy sausage arms... :-)

Adam said...
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