Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baking With Bernice

The past two weeks I've decided to have some quality time with my Granny. She is a precious little lady that I adore and am thankful that she has decided to apprentice me in what she knows best... Pies.

Last week we made a chocolate pie:

That recipe made two pies. (One I took to croquet, which was devoured by the Elite 8. The other, I took to my mother-in-law as a peace offering. I received a text from her well past midnight telling me that she stood over the counter eating it out of the tin with a spoon. Guess it was good.)

Today, we made a "Lemon Ice Box Pie":

Okay. Guilty. So it's a picture of the same pie, but they look the same anyway after the cool whip is on top. Here is a recipe for the Lemon version:

1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 egg yolks (she underlined yolks, no whites)
Stir real good
Add 3/4 cup REAL lemon juice.
Stir well until it gets thick and pour into cookie crust. (Store-bought graham cracker crust. Super 1 has a special on them for 50 cents each right now, she informed me.)
Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
Let cool and top with Cool Whip

And there you have it. Bernice's secret Lemon Ice Box pie recipe. You are welcome readers, you are welcome. Next week, we will be learning how to make 'That Green Stuff' that she swears is delicious. The week after that, Caramel Pies. Stay tuned.


melissa said...

I think we should all have a bake off! Invite all of our girl friends and everyone bring their prized "baked good".
I guess we would have to have all the guys judge it so, they would be invited as well!
Yes, I know ... another great Idea by Mrs. Martin!

Kate said...

Ah. The newest Elite 8 activity!

Jennifer Kirby said...

I'll travel 9 hours east on I-20 just to be one of those judges!! ;-)
What is "that green stuff"? Is it a dessert or a dip or what?

Kate said...

I have no idea what "that green stuff" is, but I'm pretty sure it's a dessert. Green desserts aren't usually appetizing to me, but perhaps this one will be.