Wednesday, May 27, 2009

John's Big Adventure

As I am typing this, John is driving cross-country from Baton Rouge to San Diego behind the wheel of a U-Haul truck. No, he isn't moving away. He is helping his brother Jim with the moving of his belongings from House B (Baton Rouge) to House S (San Diego). His friend Mark went along with him to share in the driving duties. People ask me why I didn't go with him and I reply, "We have enough relationship tests already. I don't want to have to bury him somewhere along the Mexico border. I guess a shovel would be relatively easy to pack, though."

John doesn't get good service along I-10 (also known as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway says Wiki), so the way that I know that he is alive and well is through photos via email. Using my Scientific Method Reasoning Skills, I decide where I think each photo was taken. Every few hours or so, I get one of these:

I think this one was taken somewhere in Texas.Probably El Paso. He is intrigued by the mesas (Mesa is the Spanish word for 'Table'. Thanks Senorita Stinson!) he says. Who knows where it really is. Here is another:

I am usually not lucky enough to get captions, however this one was entitled "Sunset in Mexico." I didn't know he was actually going through Mexico, but perhaps that is it over there in the distance.

This one I received around 11ish last night so there's really no telling. Maybe near Las Cruces, New Mexico? He stayed in Tuscon last night, so maybe this was along Arizona somewhere. The mountains are pretty! I applaud him on getting the least amount of glass reflection as possible.

This one just in:

Nice use of bird crap in the composition! From an artsy point of view, of course. This must be somewhere between Tuscon and Yuma, Arizona. (I whipped out my Geography skills and decided that soon or probably already, they have re-routed from I-10 to I-8. I hope at least.) So they must have about six hours to go until they are finally in the Whale's Vagina!