Monday, May 4, 2009

Trying Something New... Sorta

I was at Sam's last week when I decided to peruse their wine section. Not too shabby. And not too expensive either.

So I ran across a bottle of my favorite brand "Penfolds" Shiraz. I wouldn't consider myself a Shiraz fan, since I had never had it before... so I figured, why not try it. So I did. After reading the description on the back I nearly teared up. Lame, right? Here's what it said:

"This range of wines pay homage to the marriage of Thomas Hyland and Georgina Penfold and the life they had in Adelaide. The home of Penfolds."

Not even sappy, but I thought how romantic to have a line of wines created to celebrate your marriage. I need one of those. After I aquire the marriage of course.


Stephanie Jordan said...

Ha, I like that they went with her maiden name for the label.

Kate said...

She probably never changed it. Since she's most likely a billionaire and all.

Diana & Orie said...

love this...celebrate everything...marriage or not!

Kate said...

I agree Diana! I drink on Tuesdays just because they start with a T.