Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things That Are Ridiculous Part Deaux

As I was on the phone with Carie today, in the background, or foreground of my face, was a commercial on TV. This commercial was SO ridiculous that I had to record it so that I could review it after I got off of the phone.

The commercial was for a "Bump - It":

Please note the spelling error in the website.

Apparently it transforms your hair from looking normal and natural, to this:

OH MY LORD why on earth would a person WANT to be a conehead?!?!? (Bevin Sutton and Julie Snyder, you both need to be reading this).

Seriously. This is out of control. I can understand a little teasing (not like that) or a little hairspray here and there. But seriously:

It's too much. In the next few years when you look back at pictures of yourselves and wonder why no one told you how ridiculous you look, refer to this blog.


Brandy said...


Stephanie Jordan said...

The Web site should be That can't be comfortable. And if you bump your head on something, it is likely to cause permanent brain damage.

I'm not a fan of the hump. Remember my brother's wedding? I think you said, "It looks like aliens are about to hatch out of their heads."

Kate said...

Now that was awful. Someone needs to go ahead and chop off their hairstylist's hands. That's cruel to do that to someone. AND on her wedding day!