Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well It's About Time

One way that my readers know that it is time for a much needed weekend, is when all I can think about is relaxing with a drink. (Just a note, I am not a drunk, though some people believe that I am.)

So when I got a particular email today, I nearly jumped out of my chair in excitement. The Red River Revel/CORK Wine Festival will now be having an annual Beer Tasting Festival called "Brew"!! How clever of them.

BREW will be October 17th (I'm assuming one night during the Revel) from 3-6PM with some closing concert by Robert Earl Keen, who I have no idea who that is, nor do I care. You should visit for the complete beer/food lineup. The options are pretty extensive being that I haven't heard of most of them. There are some familiar faces in there though with Boddington's, Bass, Becks, and Blue Moon. What beautiful alliteration!


melissa said...

This is going to be so much fun!!!

Unknown said...

Robert Earl Keen is one of the best Texas country artist of all time. He has some really great songs and it should be a fun concert

Kate said...


After asking around I found out that he is similiar to Pat Green. So now I am a little more excited about his contribution to Brew!

Cari said...

Please blog about this again as it gets closer--it may be something that warrants a trip to the Shreve.

Kate said...

I definitely will Cari! Keep that calendar free in October! :)