Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Got New Knobs!

Last weekend when John and I went to Dallas, we did quite a bit of shopping, which is unusual for us since we don't have extra money to spend on such frivolous activity. So we went to this amazing mall in Plano that has a store of which I like to call the 'Mothership'. Others may refer to it as Anthropologie.

After I dropped John off at a gigantic Dick's (no pun intended) Sporting Goods, I wander over to the Mothership. I head immediately to the Clearance Room to see if there's anything good being offered. Of course there are 8-10 people crammed in there so I couldn't get a good look at anything other than what was near the entrance/exit. And that's where I spotted a superb find! Drawer pulls!!!

Now anyone that knows me or has been to my house, knows that I have some less-than-classy drawer pulls in my 1/2 bath. Otherwise known as these:

Please excuse the red paint on Pull #3. Sometimes I get a little carried away with home improvement projects such as painting. Anyway, so I found some really cute new ones but there weren't four that matched. I decided to whip out my Artistic License and get ones that had similar elements in them (the color red) instead. This is what they look like now:

I was so proud of my find! Not only because I feel that they are a vast improvement over the random blue flowers, but because I got them for $2 when they were regular $14 each!!!! I love being a Frugal Frannie!!


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Anthropologie is my fav. It also happens to be the fav of Maggie Martin, FYI.