Friday, May 29, 2009

Speaking of Hating My Hair

I decided this afternoon, following a blog entry about how I'm sick of my long hair, to cut my hair. Just thought I'd share. Front:

Pardon the black oval on my face. I am having an unfortunate face day in which my skin thought it would be fun to break out. And I didn't feel like wearing makeup.

Here's the back (please disregard the crap on the hand mirror). This took several tries to capture:

Anyway, this is my new shoulder length do. Now hopefully I can discard my can of Psssssst.


Diana & Orie said...

how long had your hair gotten????????????

Kate said...

OMG It was so long and gross. I should have taken a before/after photo but I forgot the camera at home this time.

I'd say that 6-7 inches were cut off!

Anonymous said...

I love it!!