Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things That I'm Proud Of (Even If It Ends Up Sucking)

Once upon a time (over a year ago) I worked on a little movie that I like to call 'My Baby.' I refer to it the way I do because this was the first project where I was in charge of EVERY background actor. Big responsibility. Well I just learned that 'My Baby' will be released in September 2009 and there is now a trailer available. Please watch and take note of how wonderful the extras look. (And before you ask, YES, I met Jesse Metcalfe, Michael Douglas and Amber Tamblyn. Yes, they were all nice. And no I don't have photos with them. I try to seem cool and uninterested on set, when really I'm about to have heart failure.)

This is a photo of myself on set the first day of filming. I was very excited!


melissa said...

Looks like a great movie! Did you go to the jail to film? How exciting!

Kate said...

Yes! We went to CCC. I chose not to go inside for obvious reasons.

Jamie said...

How crazy is this... I spent 6 mos at CCC (doing inmate interviews- not serving time!) and this movie was being filmed while I was there! CCC is not a terrible place, and the people there are not monsters- it was always very cold, but otherwise, everyone was really very nice!

Oh, and I can't wait to see your baby!!

Kate said...

I chose not to go in b/c I have a ghetto booty Jamie and I didn't want the men to go crazy. Also, it was pouring and I had to get all the extras ready for the next day... you know the drill.

I don't believe that you were there voluntarily.

Anonymous said...

Im excited that it's finally come out too. Allegedly the opening scene is supposed to be the scene they filmed here at the Boardwalk. Looks like it'll be a great film.