Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Warning: This May Be A Long One (Or Maybe Not)

I have somewhat of a bone to pick with ABC. So, apparently they went and cancelled two shows that I semi-enjoyed watching on a regular basis. Samantha Who? and Cupid:

(I'm not sure why Barry Watson was left out of the above Samantha Who? Cast Photo)

Now, I realize that these aren't groundbreaking shows or anything, but they are a nice, lighthearted break from some of the other crap that they show on their network constantly (i.e. Dancing With The Stars, In The Motherhood (which is literally crap, stick to your webisodes Jenny McCarthy), The Bachelor, Supernanny, Wife Swap, I could go on and on...
As I was sitting here racking my brain as to why they would cancel these shows, all of a sudden it hits me. These shows have connections to What About Brian? (which was cancelled two years ago and sent me into a downward life spiral):

Both of these shows have actors who starred in What About Brian? It seems that when an actor from Brian goes on to a new show, they curse the new show with cancellation, with the exception of a very small handfull.

See for yourself:

Barry Watson (who played Brian Davis):

He starred on Samantha Who? as Todd the love interest and the show was cancelled. Perhaps he shouldn't do shows with questions in the title.

Rick Gomez (Dave Greco):

Rick starred on Cupid as Felix. Now cancelled. It does appear that he has signed on to be in the next Transformers. Hope that works out better for him.

Krista Allen (Bridget Keller... not ringing a bell? Well she was the slutty co-worker of Brian that he ended up dating and I'm pretty sure they had a sex scene on a desk in their office):

(This was the only photo I could find. Sorry for the boob shot, or depending on who is reading, you are very welcome.) Apparently all that Miss Krista here has been on since Brian was one episode of Cashmere Mafia, which was cancelled. She played "Victoria."

Stacy Keibler (Stephanie, Brian's sexy co-ed downstairs neighbor who sparked a lot of drama with ole Bridget up there with the boobs):

While Stacy went on to appear on the 2nd season of Dancing With The Stars (and coming in 2nd), she also made a short stint on October Road, which was cancelled after it's 2nd season (what's with her and 2nd's?)

Now that's enough negativity for one post perhaps. I'll go on to list the What About Brian? cast members who are seeing slightly better days than these other ones:

Sarah Lancaster (Marjorie Seaver):

Sarah here is currently starring on Chuck as Chuck's sister Ellie. Good for her that Chuck hasn't been cancelled... yet.

Rosanna Arquette (Nicole Varzi):

Rosanna here hasn't done much since Brian. However, she is in the new TV movie "Northern Lights" starring LeAnn Rhimes and that dude that she cheated on her husband with. Rosanna's character's name is Charlene. This is how you know it will be good.

Finally, we have Jessica Szohr (Laura):

(Jessica) Laura here (the roommate of Stacy Keibler's character) was probably my least favorite because she was SUPER annoying and whiney, however, she has gone on to have the most success of the others. She is now the face of some cosmetic or soap or something and she has a pretty good role where she is less annoying on Gossip Girl (as Vanessa).

Well, all I have to say is that I hope ABC learns their lessons about continually reusing the actors in Brian. They apparently don't have audience appeal or their shows would get better ratings, right? I guess I'll go back to watching the Game Show Network since everything I get interested in gets cancelled.


melissa said...

I loved What about Brian!

Anonymous said...

What About Brian was a GREAT show. So was Cupid. Samantha Who moved around too much for my TiVo to follow. Thanks for this informative post. It helped me remember how in love with Stacy Keibler I am.

Laury said...

OMG!! i was so pissed about What About Brian!! leighton was too! it was our fav show.

libbyg said...

thanks for this very informative post and the research that must have gone into it. as an avid "what about brian watcher?" it's nice to know someone else out there cared enough to do the research.

Hillary said...

I know I am super peeved about them hacking my "Samantha Who"
First "Pushing Daisies" then "Dirty Sexy Money" and now THIS!!!! THEMS FIGHTIN' WORDS ABC!!!!

Kate said...

Its like ABC is just taunting us. What do we have to do to keep our addictions going strong?