Thursday, May 28, 2009

Things That Suck

John, bless his heart, has been hard at work photo-documenting his trip for me. I told him to take as many pictures as he can and email them to me (with captions) so that I can feel as though I am right there with him. What an angel! This is the one that lulled me to sleep last night:

Most of John's photos are blurry because he is embarrassed to use the flash in front of people (I told him, "it's not like you'll ever see those people again. Flash away (not that kind of flashing)!"), so I have to deal with it and attempt to decipher these photos. Well, according to this photo he went last night to a San Diego watering hole and noticed that they served my favorite wine! This looks to me to be the Penfolds Hyland Shiraz that I blogged about a few weeks ago. John's Man-Training is finally starting to bear some fruit. It's only taken a year.

Anyway, so I was so excited about getting to enjoy some wine this weekend when I stumbled across this article online this morning:


If you can't or don't feel like reading the article, I'll summarize. Basically the government is going to increase the Sin Tax on beer/wine/hard liquor in order to pay for health care costs under the Messiah's Universal Health Care Plan. The people who will be paying the most tax are the (guess who) wine drinkers with a 233% tax increase per bottle. Beer drinkers will see a 145% increase per six pack and hard liquor drinkers will have 19% increase per fifth. (Note to self, Screwdrivers and Bloody Mary's will have to become new drink of choice.)

Oh also, soda (not diet soda) and sugary drinks will see a 3 cent tax increase on 12 ounce bottles. Yeah, because that's fair. So after 10 years, this tax will raise $50 billion to go towards healthcare for people who don't feel like paying for it.

Kate is officially mad. Why can't they increase tax on fast food? Plastic surgery? Elective surgery? Butter? Tanning? Potato chips? Televisions? Game systems? I mean seriously. I would consider moving to Europe or somewhere else, but they are worse off than America at this point.


Catherine said...

I think potato chips were on the list at one point. I sense a bit of discrimination because, although I don't have numbers to back this up, I have a feeling that people who drink wine are more likely to have health insurance than those who drink the other kinds of liquor. Just an observation.

Kate said...

Very good observation, Catherine.

Catherine said...

Sneaky bastards.

Jamie said...

So, does this mean I should stock my wine "cellar" and buy a few cases for the "back" now to avoid paying 233% more later? Gees... I'm going to need a Pod.

Kate said...

Yes, Jamie! That is what you should convert that back garage into. How awesome would that be?!?