Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things I Love (Probably Prematurely)

On Tuesday evening when I got home from work, I remembered that I had been wanting to see the premiere of "Glee" - Fox's newest show about, what else, a Glee Club (named the New Directions):

I was super excited about this new show since ABC decided that they would cancel all of the other shows I liked. Hopefully this one will have some staying power, since they aren't in control of it's fate! The first episode didn't even feature the main reason that I wanted to watch. Kristen Chenoweth:

(If you don't recognize her, she is the precious little angel from Pushing Daisies and also is a huge Broadway star, after most notably playing Glinda the Good Witch in "Wicked.") It turned out that the Pilot didn't even need her (she won't appear until a few episodes into the series when she shows up as a former Glee Club member from years past). I am very excited about this, because this little lady can sing!!! If you haven't seen her in the Funny or Die video that she did called "Intervention with Kristen Chenoweth," I suggest that you do. She plays a singing/dancing interventionist. I'll even provide you with the video:

Intervention with Kristen Chenoweth

Glee was really funny. I totally forgot that Jane Lynch (from the 40 Year Old Virgin) was also in the show. She gives off her signature lesbian overtones while playing a neurotic coach of the "Cheerios" (the cheerleading squad.) I even tested it on John to see if he would crack a smile at the show, and it turns out that he absolutely did! I can't wait for next Tuesday.