Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise Part 2

This morning as I was lying around in my underwear watching Sex and The City reruns that my DVR decides to record, my doorbell rang. I looked at the door thinking, "Oh God, what does that trashy 15 year old slut that lives next door want now? Last time it was cooking oil, the time before that she wanted to use my phone." I swear if I see her parading around in her bikini in front of her house one more time, I AM SELLING MY HOUSE AND MOVING! I DIDN'T PLAN ON LIVING NEXT DOOR TO KEITHVILLE WHEN I SIGNED THOSE LOAN PAPERS!!! Breathe, Kate.

So anyway. As I was saying, when my doorbell rang this morning I stared at the door. I thought. She wouldn't ring the doorbell. I'm not wearing a bra. She would knock, twice, like she always does, right? I'm so glad that I decided on putting on pants before I came downstairs this morning. Sigh. I answer the door and behold, I see this face instead of Slutty McGee:

My friend Aarin Alford from Ruston!!! One of my favorite people in the whole entire world!!!! Ok she wasn't actually wearing the Cleopatra mask. She really looks like this minus the frowny face:

She came in and plopped down in a chair as though it had been yesterday that we had last seen each other (really it had last been Fall 2007). We visited, went and grabbed some enchilada soup from Cantina Laredo (which is DELICIOUS by the way. And not too expensive), then she returned me in her chariot (which is an enormous tank of a vehicle, also known as Sherman the Lincoln Navigator) and then she was on her way back to Ruston. It seemed like a blink of an eye she was here, then gone. What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend surprise I had!


melissa said...

haha!! I loved your first paragraph!! haha!!!

Dara M. said...

awww! that was sweet of her!

Kate said...

Dara- you need to check the email I sent you regarding this matter.