Monday, May 11, 2009

Good Food, Good Friends

This weekend we celebrated the births of two dear friends Laura and Stephanie. We started the evening not getting the memo about a revised reservation time, so John and I show up a little early (I'm ALWAYS punctual) at 645 for dinner at the Cub and wait. And wait. And wait. Then we were told that the time had changed so we waited some more. At 752 we were finally seated.

John and I had the pleasure of sitting at a cozy booth with Amy and David Netherton, parents of birthday girl #2. Let me just say that I had the best time chatting them up about God only knows what (now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure that David told us a story about "Shaking Baby Syndrome" and how he used to deal with his children). The food was excellent. I had my first taste of a new favorite: Soft-shelled crab. Delish! Once dinner was devoured, we moved on to Tiki Tavern, Hangout Extraordinaire, for some karaoke:

I'm pretty sure that was a rendition of "Fancy" by THE one and only Reba McIntyre. When we got to Tiki, another group of my friends was there as well, celebrating the birth of Travis Hart (pictured below). Birthdays all around! So we got to see these friends as well as the ones mentioned above:

Travis and I discussed the changes in the oil and gas business, Carie and I discussed possible new job options, Melissa and I discussed people with missing fingers, and Casey and I discussed John and how precious he is in photos.

The evening was an interesting one, that's for sure. I got to hear John and his roommate Rex sing "The American Trilogy" by Elvis (John is apparently, in prayer):

Then I got to hear John petition everyone to make it the new National Anthem. What a doll! Let's just say that we had a great time. Once again, Tiki Tavern teaches us a valuable lesson about life as well as song lyrics.


melissa said...

Vauable lessons.. Yup, that's what I always learn when I'm there???

Stephanie Jordan said...

Questions: what am I doing to LJ in that picture? Why the hell was my dad talking about that? I'm sorry you had to wait, but the reservation was always for 7:30!

Carie Hart said...

What a fab night!!! Until of course my night was ruined!!!! The nerve of people!!!

Catherine said...

Did you get the steak and soft shell crab?? That is what I always get when I go there!! It is out of this world!

Kate said...

Stephanie - 1. Not sure what you're doing. 2. We were discussing how nice it would be to not have children and somehow that was his addition to the conversation. 3. At lunch Wednesday it was 7:00. Whatever though, it was a great party.