Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New Poll of The Week!

Thanks to everyone (all 16 of you) who voted in last week's poll. Little did I realize that having a Poll of the Week with four types of drinks in it would get me labelled as a drunk, but lo and behold it did. Nevertheless, Vodka and Seven Up won with 8 votes (for the record, I learned of this cocktail when in Las Vegas with a dear friend of mine from a man who called himself Pablo Escobar. I decided that it was so tasty, therefore it has been my cocktail of choice ever since).

When researching via Google of a photo of a vodka and seven up, this photo was one of the top search results. I investigated to figure out why. Well this was the headline below the photo:

"The heiress who blew the Woolworth's billions on vodka breakfasts, seven husbands and jewels galore."

All I have to say about that is Wow! Vodka breakfast? (After scanning the article, it goes on to say that one of her husbands was Cary Grant. She must have been doing something right, right?) Anyway, there is a new poll this week. Happy Hump Day!