Friday, May 1, 2009

Support Local Films, Or Stop Your Complaining

I am really excited about this weekend's local premiere showing of The Last Lullaby:

A quick summary: "Tom Sizemore and Sasha Alexander star in this contemporary film noir, co-written by the creator of "The Road To Perdition." "The Last Lullaby" is a story about Price, a former hitman, struggling to cope with the slow pace of retirement."

The Last Lullaby was made locally here in my hometown of Shreveport, Louisiana, aka The Shreve, aka The Port City. Jeffrey Goodman, the film's director, has been hosting meet-ups, distributing push cards, putting up lawn signs and selling T-shirts in order for people to show up at it's premiere weekend. His goal is to presell the entire weekend, making it a sellout. This would earn national media coverage for the film and hopefully would entice future projects to our city, thus, further boosting our local economy.

Local Shreveportarians brag about how we have "Hollywood South" (which is a really lame nickname, by the way) and how fun it is to see celebrities around town and such, but the truth is, most of them don't support our industry. EVERYONE has some story about how they saw Jimmy Fallon at the Steakhouse or they ran into Sandra Bullock at Cush's. I say, "Good for you. In what other ways (other than drinking Martinis and eating cupcakes near celebrities) have you contributed to our local film industry?"

Let's make an effort to continue your star-sightings, people. There is no reason that The Last Lullaby shouldn't already be pre-sold out. I urge everyone to make one of the screenings at the Louisiana Boardwalk this weekend, or at least buy a ticket online, even if you aren't planning on going. I hope Shreveport makes this film a national success, so that I may have a future chance of running into Nicole Kidman at Target.

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Alexandyr Kent said...

Have you ever seen me at Target? Now that's a treat.

Kate said...

Unfortunately no. I will add it to my celebrity wish list.

Stephanie Jordan said...

Alex, I have. AND you were wearing spandex. Cha-ching!

Kate said...

TMI! Did u like the movie, Steph?