Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting to Know My Famous (Future) Brother In Law

John Belushi has a semi-famous younger brother that we will call... Jim Belushi. Here is a photo of the two (Jim has a black rectangle over his face, thus making him unrecognizable in order to protect John and I from being overwhelmed with new friends who are only after us for our connections. Seriously, people come out of the woodworks, just like the crazies who attend Prince concerts. No offense to those in Keithville):

Note the striking similarities between them. Well, John and I have been dating for well over a year and I STILL haven't gotten a lot of time to really get to know Jim or his wife (sorry to disappoint, ladies). So this evening, John has invited me to ride with him to the metropolis of Tyler to pick up Jim from the airport, followed by dinner. Then on Saturday, we will attend a sporting event with the entire family that will involve a childhood favorite of mine: The Shreveport Captains. They still have the ice cream in the hat-bowls, folks!

I'm a little too excited about the ice cream cup hats! Anyway, I've never been to a public event with Jim so I'm sure he will be bombarded with people who are kissing his ass and will ask him the same questions over and over again. For example:

How's San Diego? Is LT nice? When can I come visit? etc.

Annoying, right? I mean, MY fans don't ask those types of questions. (Jim handles it a lot more graciously and humbly (is that a word?) than I ever would, which says a lot about what a nice person he is.) Anyway, I did hear that John and Jim's mother was going to try to get us press box seats (since we are VIP and everything) so perhaps, the Keithvillians will stay in the cheap seat bleachers where they belong. Let's all just pray that is the case.


melissa said...


Dara M. said...

haha. i cant believe you refer to your man as as John Belushi, don't get me wrong he does look like him, but i don't refer to my man as lance Armstrong. lol. miss ya Kate. when are we going to get together? i miss your sarcasm. good luck with the game and the peasants surrounding you.

Jennifer Kirby said...

What does Jim do?

Kate said...

Jim is a former college football star who now plays in the NFL. Come on Jen! You don't know us at all!