Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Things That Could Go Horribly Wrong

Sporadically over the past two weeks, my boss has decided to bring one of her pets to work with her. No big deal, right? I LOVE dogs (not cats) and get along pretty well with most four legged creatures. So, I think to self: "Great, something fun to entertain me." Wrong:

Don't get me wrong, this pot-bellied piglet is adorable. It oinks and sniffs and squeals all over the office. And don't underestimate the speed of a hoofed creature. It is an embarrassing workout trying to pick him up and or to catch him. I've almost fallen on my face trying. Twice. (Perhaps this is why they have 'Greased Pig Chases' at rodeos. Thanks Dad for having me participate in such humiliating contests as a child. What a doting father.)

Anyway, so as I'm sitting at work today after having caught 'Piggie' (original name), all of a sudden it hits me. OH MY STARS DOES THIS THING HAVE THE SWINE FLU???? I dropped him, he squealed and peed under my desk. Damn, you Pig! I felt sort of guilty and darted out to wash my hands. (Boss was outside having a breathing treatment (cig) so no one saw and pig was uninjured.)

I mean seriously, people. After work I'm heading to CVS to get some TamiFlu and a SARS mask.


Jamie said...

CRAP!!! This did not even occur to me. Headed home NOW to do the same!!!

Stephanie Jordan said...

I don't understand people who own pigs. Can't wrap my head around why anyone would consider that a good idea.

Kate said...

I can't either, Steph. But the thing is sort of cute.