Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Don't Want To See Babies, Except This One

So this is my ADORABLE nephew Miller. He has quite an attitude, just like his Aunt Kate.

Yesterday, I updated my Facebook status to say, "Kate is tired of seeing pictures of babies. Was that ugly?" And some people, naturally were offended. My thinking is that if you were offended, then you are guilty of showing too much of your baby. Facebook has gone from seeing pictures of people having fun and doing super amazing things and documenting their lives to posting baby pictures. How boring! I want to see pictures of you doing things that I can discuss with my friends later. It's either that, or we'll discuss how ugly your baby is. Maybe it's the age that I'm at. Everyone is popping out children. Perhaps I should find younger friends. Or perhaps I should delete Facebook (yeah right.)

I don't care for children. Except this one. And his baby brother or sister (hopefully sister) that I just found out about!!! Wooo hoo! I'll care for that one as well.


Laury said...

lol. i am not offended. baby pictures get boring.
and miller is adorable for sure.

Kate said...

Thanks Lars! Glad we are on the same page. Also, Carter looks JUST like Leighton!

Stephanie Jordan said...

Well, you've never had a thing for kids. And holy crap, Miller is so big!

Glorioso Casting, LLC said...

Harsh! :)