Thursday, July 2, 2009


Back in high school, my mother made me compete in my high school's beauty pageant. It was called "Our Miss Millenium"(original for Southwood since it was the year 2000 and all). So against my will, we went and got a dress, put on WAY too much makeup and pranced around on a stage. That was the same year that there was an ice storm in Shreveport prohibiting the pageant from being a two night event. Normally during the first night, the 50 or so contestants would be dwindled down to 25, therefore leaving half of the girls with some sense of pride of beating out the other half.

Since this year hell froze over, and the show could not go on, it was all squeezed into one night. I, did not make the Top 10. I was disappointed, but mostly just ready to wash my face. However, there was still a chance at winning Miss Congeniality. After all of the votes were counted, a girl named Angela Griffie won Miss Congeniality. Oh well, I thought, I'm sure she was a nice girl. I had this attitude until it was revealed to me that she VOTED FOR HERSELF!!!!!

First of all, who does that? Second of all, I was one vote away!!!!!!! I would have gotten a big ass trophy and something to brag about for years to come if I had only voted for myself as well. Then we would have had a vote-off and I definitely would have won. I mean, I am so much more likeable than her. Anyway, I am not bitter and have moved on. Or so I thought.

I wonder if Ole Angela received one of these in her mailbox before she left on vacation for Seattle:

That's right. I received an application to become Miss Louisiana!!!!! It seems that after all those years, the pageant world has finally seen what they have been missing. In your face, Angela!


melissa said...

Ha! I love that this post is titled under "acting my age". nice

Anonymous said...

THIS IS SO FUNNY! Those were the good ol' days. And "Our Miss Millennium" was my idea thankyouverymuch.

Kate said...

Yes, thanks for counting those votes in my favor.