Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Directions

So I got a new layout because that damned dandelion was driving me crazy making my pictures look all funky and everything. So behold: The Animated Sunglasses. When I changed layouts it deleted my widgets (i.e. those things over there to the right) so my poll got deleted. All 10 of you who had already voted for the hottest Britishman that Kate is in love with, please go re-vote. I need it to be accurate so that I can sleep at night.



Stephanie Jordan said...

I got cropped out of the friends picture and Ashley Bankston got cropped into the girls picture. What is going on here?

And your flower was annoying and made your pictures look funky. But, what are those sunglasses going to do?

Kate said...

These are the types of errors that occur when I'm blogging from home. I will fix this ASAP.

I apologize for the offense.

The sunglasses are ANIMATED!!!!!!!

Thats way better than a funky making dandelion.