Thursday, May 14, 2009

Things That Should Be Fun

Saturday afternoon John and I are going to Dallas for a soccer 'match' to see the Seattle Sounders play FC Dallas. I'm a little nervous because I have never been to a soccer game (unless you count the time that my mother and I went to see one of my high school boyfriends play at Independence Stadium. We stayed for about 20 minutes, decided it was boring and left.) and am not sure what exactly to expect.

I am not nervous, however, about receiving free Drew Carey glasses!

At "halftime" or whatever the soccer equivalent of halftime is, some lucky person in the crowd is going to get to play PLINKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John and I have already pre-registered to play so tomorrow night by 6PM we will find out if we get to play or not. (If you were wondering why there is Plinko and why there are free Drew Carey glasses, it is because Drew Carey is the owner of the Seattle Sounders. Just an FYI.)

John has combed the internet in search of scarves for us to wear and they finally came in yesterday! This is what mine looks like (I am not certain why there is a clown statue modelling it, but I'm okay with it):

The reason we had to get scarves is because this is what we are hoping the Away Section looks like (also, we are gearing up to learn our chants and cheers for when we go to Seattle next month to see a Home game):

Perhaps we will even take some face paint with us just to further blend into the crowd. Scarves up!