Friday, July 31, 2009

It's That Time of the Year Again!

Approximately three or four times a year, my lifelong friend Laura (or LJ for those of you who grew up with her) cleans out her closet. This is always exciting for me because we are exactly the same size. Once we were asked: "Are y'all sisters? Because y'all sho favor?" from a 300 lb black nurse at a hospital. So, it's a treat for me since she is nice enough to let me sift through it all before she donates it to Goodwill!

Laura has a semi-shopping problem in that I think she is a sucker for sales. Every time I open the bags full of clothes, there are two and sometimes three of the same item, but with a different pattern or color. This makes me believe that she always falls for the 'Buy one get one free' or 'Get two for $10' sales. Also, there are frequently items that still have the tags on them, or that have only been worn once. So yesterday she dropped off three gigantic bags:

My roommate Nancy and I squealed with delight! We get so excited about free clothes!!! So, we immediately dive into the bags and separate into three piles:

1. Kate
2. Nancy
3. Donate

After we are done separating, then we proclaim 'FASHION SHOW!!!!' and turn on some Ace of Base and strut throughout the living room. We try everything on and then whatever doesn't fit or looks wonky gets thrown into the #3 pile. Then we take all #3's to the Providence House green bins around town or Goodwill. Last night, Nancy scored a bunch of cute stuff, and I got a couple of different tops. Sometimes the stuff works, and sometimes it doesn't, but it is ALWAYS a treat when Laura comes by! I love any reason for brushing up on 'The Sign' lyrics.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ways That You Should NOT Run Your Business

Yesterday afternoon, before I headed to wine night, I stopped my liquor store of choice to pick up my very favorite $8.99 Penfolds' Rawson's Retreat Chardonnay. I ALWAYS go to the Thrifty on Youree near LSUS because the people there know me. They never stop me for ID, and I know where everything is so I can always just go straight to the R.R. and be on my way.

So, like I was saying, I stopped in yesterday and the same guy is working that is always working. He has a large variety of tattoos all over himself. He has dyed black (sometimes aqua) hair that is sometimes shaped into a mohawk or sometimes just hanging all in his face. If you have ever been in there, you know the guy that I'm talking about. So, I'm waiting patiently in like with the R.R., waiting on the black lady in front of me to finally lose with her scratch off lotto tickets, after playing them one by one then purchasing more tickets with the winnings, WHILE IN LINE!!! Seriously, move along lady so I can leave already. I try to spend as little time as possible in liquor stores, just because they are pretty skeevy places. Yet, are very similar to town halls, what with the bills that can be paid there, and whatnot.

Once it's finally my turn to check out, the mohawk guy makes me feel a little uneasy. Like he looks at me as if he is going to ask me a really embarrassing question in front of everyone there. I usually try to say as little as possible to avoid provoking him. So, right before he asks me "Will that be all?", he proceeds to pick up a Church's chicken leg, eat the entire contents of the leg in one swift swoop, sucking all remnants off of the bone before throwing it away. Then, he slurps up all remaining grease from his fingers, wipes his hand on his pants, picks up my bottle of wine, scans it, puts it in a bag, takes my debit card, hands me my receipt and sends me on my way. I WAS REPULSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My proof of this true story:

I have never been more grossed out in my life. Thinking about it even now makes me want to vomit. WHO EATS FRIED CHICKEN WHILE CHECKING OUT CUSTOMERS, HANDLING THEIR MERCHANDISE AND MONEY?? I realize that you work at Thrifty Liquor, but still. You are on Youree Drive, man! Have some self respect! After a few glasses last night, I finally got over it but I just wanted you all to know ways to NOT behave if you work in retail. That's what breakrooms are for!!! And chicken strips!!!!

New Poll of The Week!

Last week's controversial poll (I say controversial because some people really got their feelings hurt. It's okay people. It's just my opinion.) ended with a whopping 14 votes for Ed Hardy/Affliction for being the most obnoxious new trend. It should be blaringly obvious why (seriously, Misti. It is not cute):

Yes, perhaps love does, in fact, kill slowly, but really? Grown men should not be wearing these things. No woman wants to check out a guy's ass only to reveal a preview of Hell. Come on guys.... pull it together.

Also, I was pretty disappointed to see that one of you likes all of these trends. I'm not sure that we can be friends. Ever.

So, last night, wine night was a raging success! Even though it was raining, we got to visit with Paige and enjoy a few glasses while discussing a wide variety of topics. She is a PR major at LSUS and is helping promote the free documentary this evening (Invisible Children: The Rough Cut) at the Robinson Film Center. If you don't have plans this evening, head up there and check it out at 7:30 and help my friend Paige out. There is a $5 suggested donation, but if you are poor like me, then you can just slide in unnoticed. That's how I roll sometimes.

Anyway, since Wine Night Wednesday was such a success, this week's poll is going to revolve around the wonderful thing that is, wine.

Everyone likes wine, right? Even Jesus did! So, which variety of wine is your favorite?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wine Night Wednesdays!

Well, yesterday was a rough day all around. My grandmother made me cry, my bosses acted like jerks to me, John was sick, Jessie nominated Casey and NOT Ronnie (WHICH WAS THE PLAN!!!) AND it rained all day. It seems that I must have predicted that yesterday was going to be a bad one a week ago when I scheduled a wine night with Sass and this little darling:

Everyone, meet Paige! (Hi, Paige!) Let me just give you all a little background on her. So, a few years ago (back when Sass and I were each others' only friend after we moved back from college), we would frequent my brother's youth group events. We loved the kids. They were super fun. It's also nice to give some high schoolers some insight as to why you are definitely not going to marry your high school boyfriend and things like that. (If I had married mine, then I would have been in for a rude awakening because he turned out gay. So that's that.)

Well, we were Paige's camp counselor one year and we absolutely hit it off. She is a bright, spunky girl with a straightforward attitude, she asks a lot of questions, and she is open to anything. I love her!

So fast forward a few years. Paige went off to college. She came back and has desperately been trying to get together with Sass and I. We all decided on tonight for a wine night! It may be weird to drink wine with the Baptist youth group grown up, but I feel like Baptists who drink, all share a secret bond of some sort. Like we really know what the other Baptists are missing out on....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Flashback Tuesday

Happy Flashback Tuesday everyone! Since it is so beautiful outside in the Shreve with all the clouds and downpours and threats of tornadoes and everything, I figured that lots of people would be inside today on the Internet wishing they could go outside and play. Since I strive to make the readers of this little ditty happy on a daily basis, I figured that I would give you lots to look at. Y'all can thank me later.

Since "Yearbook Yourself" is back in action, my darling friend Rachel Schillage has decided to include me in her album. This is what she came up with:

I'm so glad she gave me one with little glasses.

My makeup looks hot!

Alright, then. That was fun. On to the real flashback of Flashback Tuesday. 10 years ago (next summer) the youth group that I grew up with decided to take it's Senior class on a 'Senior Trip'. The fair way to decide where we went was to have everyone vote, right? Okay, so this is what happened. Everyone who had EVER been to church with us showed up on voting day. No really EVERYONE. There were three options of where we could go:

1. Somewhere in the Caribbean, possibly Jamaica, or maybe Cancun.
2. New York City
3. Walt Disney World

Okay, so the members of Sunday School who actually came all the time and I formed an alliance. I was ADAMANT about not going to Disney World. I mean, come on. It is our Senior Trip. Let's go somewhere awesome. So, I talked all of the regulars into voting for New York. Once the votes were in, all of the idiots who NEVER EVEN CAME TO SUNDAY SCHOOL, all outvoted us by like 2 to go to freaking Disney World. And then who were the people who actually went on the trip? None of those jerks who voted for it. NOT ONE OF THEM!!!!! So of course, I had a bad attitude about it the whole time, and still do, but I'm not bitter or anything. Anyway, here is a photo of Mark and myself at WDW wearing some leis or something like we wished we were on a beach. Or in Little Hawaii in New York:

Man, I was a dish! Also, this is before Mark had his under bite fixed. He looks much different now.

That other girl I never saw again after that trip (so I halfway cropped her face out, JUST IN CASE some of you might recognize her), except on John's birthday this year when she was seated at the hibachi table one over from us and was loudly proclaiming how she planned on forcing her boyfriend to marry her after 5 years. Yeah, let us know how that works out for you, Rachel.

Since I promised you a lot to look at, I will deliver on that one. There is another blog which I adore. The web address should pretty much be self-explanatory for you, so go look at it and enjoy your Flashback Tuesday!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap (Plus A Recipe!)

This weekend was relatively low-key that involved two birthday parties and a baby shower (which I ended up skipping out on. Sorry Frances!). Friday evening after I left work, John and I traveled to B-City for a surprise Birthday party for my dear friend and former/possibly future boss Ryan Glorioso.

No, he is not related to the Glorioso's of Shreveport with the produce stand or whatever. So, the surprise party was at my favorite restaurant (and only reason to go to Bossier) Don Juanz. The Weisner's were kind enough to bring this delicious cake:

So fun! Saturday morning I was supposed to go to a baby shower for Frances, but I wussed out of going. We are going to have dinner next week so I don't feel SO guilty about it. Plus, baby showers are the worst (as you all know) unless you are the mother, and even then, I don't think they really even like them that much.

Saturday evening, I went to another birthday party. For my longtime friend Jen Herron:

Sass came along as well so it was a reunion of sorts. We played games and had cupcakes and visited with Chuck, Candy and Courtney. It is always so great to catch up with old friends. We played a super fun game called Scene It Squabble, which I think that I may need to invest in in the future for my own Game Nights.

On Sunday, I decided to finally use all of the fresh vegetables that my parents have given me. They decided to 'Live off the land" and start their own garden. Well I think it was more successful than they thought it was going to be because they have an abundance of veggies. They gifted me with about seven gigantic, like probably 2 pounds each, cucumbers, bell peppers and squash. After they had overtaken my kitchen counter for a week, I decided to cut them up and make a fresh and easy summer salad (Also, say hi to my new Seattle spoon rest!):

I had some leftover spinach from the "Creamy Turkey Pinwheels" so I threw that in a bowl, followed by some chopped up cucumbers, tomatoes, baby carrots, red bell peppers, Italian seasoning, Paul Newman's Italian Dressing, and some fresh grated Parmesan (yes, I grated it myself!). And that is what I like to call "Done and Done." A 10 minute healthy snack, or lunch for a few days.

Things I Look Forward To (Part 2)

In 2003, I was a senior at Louisiana Tech University. At the beginning of that school year, the Visual Arts Center decided to offer a new program for it's students called the French Quarter. With the discontinuation of Tech's "Tech Rome" program, this would be the replacement. When I found out that it was to be offered I begged and begged and begged (literally, for weeks) my parents to let me go. They were always hesitant about me traveling (anywhere) after 9/11. I said 'Mom, I cannot live my life in a 'What if?' mode, and please please please let me go.' So, after MUCH thought and prayer, they finally caved and let me go. Woot!

So, I was to spend 3.5 weeks in Paris. I was pumped. The only other people that I knew were two girls from the BCM (Baptist Collegiate Ministry). So, we get to Paris and lo and behold, what did I do? I ventured out of that shy comfort zone of mine and made some new friends. Specifically, these three:

At the Louvre

Dara, Hillary and Aarin were all photography majors and that would be the reason why I had never met them... until now!!! We had the best time venturing all across the city together seeing sights, trying new food and most of all, enjoying wine (they are the ones who introduced me to it, after all). I will let you readers get to know these girls better via pictures so that you can see for yourselves why I love them so much:

On a 'Photo Safari' at Notre Dame and the Seine River.

At the Arc du Triomphe

In the Hotel Elevator

At Versailles

With Colin's Hats

At Versailles (again)

In Les Halles (outside of a public restroom)

Wine Night in the Lobby

Wine Night in the Lobby (Part 57)

At the Paris Zoo

At Aarin and Ray's wedding

At Dara's Bachelorette Party (with tiaras)

Dara's Bachelorette Party (Again)

The girls are the main reason why I finally came out of my shell. I opened up to meeting new people and making new friends. I truly believe that they helped shape me into the person that I am today. If it weren't for them, I wouldn't have made some of the best decisions of my life. Thanks girls!

Anyway, on Friday afternoon (after I cut out of here early) I am going to Ruston to Aarin's new home for a weekend visit. Hillary is travelling in from Arkansas and Dara is coming from College Station. I cannot wait. No one is pregnant, so we can all enjoy our old mutual friend wine and take silly pictures together. We are all going to bring along our sketchbooks and photo albums to go through and reminisce. It sounds like it should be super girly, yet extremely nostalgic weekend. I cannot wait to get away and semi-travel back in time and pick up right where we left off!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Things We Can All (Hopefully) Agree On

After the last post, I feel that perhaps I stepped on a few toes. (Hopefully you will get to keep your toenails though, unlike the time that I wore a new pair of shoes for 12 hours one night. Consequently, the next day I woke up and my big toenails were a light blueish color. The next month they were officially dead and I had to remove them from the nail beds myself. Sorry for that if you have a weak stomach.) So, I figured that I would touch upon a lighter subject for Friday, in preparation for the weekend, you know. Everyone likes Fun Fridays, right?

So, The Cob has a new resident. Some would call him 'The Ice Cream Man', but I would call him the "Skeevy Child Predator????" (The question marks are crucial):

I took this photo as we were in route, so that shiny stuff is the reflection from John's window. Anyway, this guy drives slowly up and down the streets of the Cob with his creepy tinker-toy type music blaring in hopes to lure some children to his minivan. This guy doesn't even have a truck!!! It is a MINIVAN!!! With the word CANDY emblazoned on the side. You can't get creepier than that. I do have to give him props that he has Bomb Sticks, Pink Panthers, Choco Tacos, Push Pops, and my personal favorite Screw Balls (the cone shaped cup with the bubble gum ball in the bottom).

Anyway, I can't decide if I should be creeped out, or be really excited. Surely a child predator wouldn't be so blatantly obvious, right? Then again, what am I worried about? I don't have kids. Hmmm. I feel so torn. Like Natalie Imbruglia. Or Creed.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Poll of the Week!

Last week's poll closed with 9 of you saying that you keep cool in the summer by Never Leaving Pool.

Good choice, although I was disappointed to hear how few of you don't wear clothes. Next time, I suppose.

Well this week, the poll is going to discuss the current trends that are taking over our nation. Which one of these is the most annoying trend that you absolutely cannot stand?

A. The success of artists like Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers (who, Thank the Lord are finally starting to dwindle with their fame):

B. Fashion trends such as Ed Hardy and Affliction:

C. Mommy Blogs (self explanatory. No one cares about your child's first poo):

D. Stick Portrait Window Clings (I feel as though I've already been over this one):

E. Mounting your television over your mantle (TACKY. Your living room says a lot about you and I feel that your focal point should never be a 52 inch flatscreen. Save it for your man room.):

F. Twitter (although I have one and was recently attacked for saying that I don't think breastfeeding in public is appropriate. That is why they make breast pumps and bottles. No one wants to see your areolas while they are eating a pepperoni pizza.):

Vote, will you, and have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Reasons That Z Gallerie is the Slutty Sister of Pottery Barn

Tuesday evening, Mark and I decided to have a get together to watch the best show on television (Big Brother 11). I got there pretty early so that we could order pizza and talk about people that we don't like with plenty of time to spare before the show came on. I am one who has to have absolutely NO interruptions so that I can catch every rude comment and fight with no background noise.

When I arrived, we immediately went to the kitchen to fix a beverage. I decide on what I want and Mark says 'WAIT!!!!!!! PUT IT DOWN!!!!!!' before I took a sip. I stopped because I was very nervous as to if there was a bug on my face or about to dive into my glass. But then he reaches in the freezer and fumbles with something before placing this atop my glass:

It is a miniature Titanic-shaped ice cube, with matching iceberg. HAHAHAHA. I laughed so hard!!! So, I took a better photo of the ship:

So finally after I was done gawking at the ship, I did something really tacky and sank it:

My sincerest apologies go out to Rose and Jack, that they had to relive that all over again, but I was thirsty. I asked Mark where he purchased the Titanic and Iceberg ice trays and he told me Z Gallerie. Then he said that they regard themselves the "Slutty Sister to Pottery Barn" and I completely agree. I prefer Z Gallerie's products because they are extremely interesting to me, whereas Pottery Barn is very cookie cutter and straight laced (FYI I am not hating on PB). I wonder what that says about me. (Go ahead and add your slutty comments. I won't be mad.)

I almost forgot to include another of Mark's awesome products!!! He has these coasters that when you set your glass atop them, they light up and then change colors until your glass is empty.
I think this is a GREAT idea for a gift, especially if you are having people over. You immediately know when their drink is empty because the coasters go back to basic white and no fun lights. I forgot to ask him where he got these, but if you really want to know, I can find out for you.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Trends That Are Ridiculous

Along with things such as Affliction T's, Ed Hardy, Taylor Swift, and Twitter (although I do have one), I thought that I would add another trend to the list of things that have gotten EXTREMELY out of hand:

I mean honestly, people. I understand having things like 'family pride' or whatever, but good Lord... STOP ALREADY with your personalized window clings! Trust me, no one cares about your stick family portrait. Leave it for your scrapbook, not for your bumper. You look like an ass.

Seven Albums That Changed My Life (This Might Get Long)

Since yesterday at approximately 11AM, Pandora has decided that I have reached my 40 hour a month free listening capacity, which is SO LAME!!! I could listen to that in one week at work. How do they expect me to get by without them for three working weeks a month? I had to come up with some sort of strategy. I am not an Ituneser because I don't really know how to work my IPOD that well and also, I think that I would spend a ton of money on really bad music that I would regret later. So if I want to listen to something really specific, I either go to or I save up my dollars and go purchase the album. And that leads me to the more important part of this post.

Since Pandora is now an ass, I now choose a CD from my car, burn it to my work computer and listen to it on repeat all day. I have no other choice, I suppose. I'm cheap like that. Therefore, I've decided to discuss the albums that have meant the most to me throughout my life. These albums have helped me through either a breakup, college, a trip to France, or a road trip to Little Rock by myself. These albums are not necessarily from my favorite artists or bands, but they have a special place in my heart (and CD case) for one reason or another. So here we go in no particular order... actually, I think I'll do chronological order, just for my own organizational sake...

#1: Alanis Morrisette and "Jagged Little Pill"

I'm not sure of any person within 3 +/- years of my age that hasn't listened to this album. So, really it speaks for itself. Also, there is a 'hidden track' at the very end that I got super excited about the first time I heard it. I would borrow this album from Jennifer Herron VERY frequently in the 8th grade. I would keep it longer than she liked by saying 'Oh, I forgot it at home, I'll bring it to you tomorrow.' I'm sorry Jennifer, but I was lying. I eventually gave it back, though. This album made me realize that there is more to music than country. For that, I will be forever indebted to you, Alanis.

#2: Dido and "No Angel"

I guess we will skip directly past high school because I don't remember a single album that I owned and listened religiously to, so teleport yourselves mentally to my college days. In my very first drawing class that I took, we would listen to music while we drew (not nudes, this time). This album was one of my teacher's favorites. I never listened to music like Dido's (with the exception of Enya on the radio, which was horrible) and found that I really liked it. I liked this album so much that I raved about it to a boy who I really, really liked at the time. He went off and surprised me by giving it to me for my birthday (what a sweetheart) and I got to listen to it while driving home in the rain for the weekend. So there is the secret reason why there is a special place for Dido in my heart....

#3: Nelly Furtado and "Folklore"

These next two albums are a tie. When I lived in Paris for that glorious month in 2004, I had two roommates that were super interesting. They had brilliant senses of humor and I NEVER would have placed myself rooming with them, but obviously the room assignment person did. I remember being a little upset about it at first, but after I got adjusted to the situation (and was introduced to wine and started loosening up) it turned out that I got to know them and really liked them a lot. Rebecca, the really artsy one, would wake Catherine and I up every morning with one of three albums. "Folklore", "I Am Sam", or "Come Away With Me" by Norah Jones. Now, I am not one to want to wake up, but when Nelly's "One Trick Pony" would start up, I would jump out of bed and look forward to the day like I hadn't even been asleep.

I didn't really care for Nelly before (the 'I'm Like a Bird' song), however, this album was less pop and more of a rock sound with an acoustic approach. This album wasn't considered commercially successful, but I like it better than her other two. It seems to me as though she put a lot more of herself into it, instead of being a music industry puppet.

#4: "I Am Sam" Soundtrack

This is the other of Rebecca's morning wake up albums that I love. I'll be perfectly honest with you here. I did not grow up listening to the Beatles. My parents didn't listen to them (at least while I was around) and I only knew that they were a huge successful 60's band. So, when I listened to 'I Am Sam' and I heard all of the artists (The Wallflowers, Sarah Machlachlan, Ben Harper, Ben Folds, The Black Crowes, Eddie Vedder, Rufus Wainwright, etc.) singing these songs, I had no idea that they were ALL Beatles songs. I just thought that these artists were doing a great covers album. Well, after examining the CD case, I realized what was really going on here. Anyway, I love the album. It is comforting. Like going home. Or eating a doughnut. (This album has gone missing from my collection, so if you have it, could you please give it back. Thanks.)

#5: Better Than Ezra and "Closer"

I don't know when this album was originally released, but in 2006, I attended my very first Better Than Ezra concert. Sure, I knew a couple of their songs ("Desperately Wanting", "Good", etc.) but wasn't sure what to expect from a full-blown show. My friend Jamie (who is an intense BTE fan) said, "Don't worry about it, it will be fun and you will know some of the songs." So, I went. I LOVED THEM. Absolutely LOVED them. I might have known like 5 songs total, but after the concert I went out and purchased this album via Ebay because I couldn't find it in stores anywhere. After it arrived in my mailbox, I drove around and listened to the album. My absolute favorite song is "Get You In." I like the first line in the song the best: "I sit and watch your flowers wilting in the kitchen. I felt like I was one of them gasping for air." How many times have we felt like that because of other people? Love this album!!!

#5: Ryan Adams and "Demolition"

During that same year when I found BTE, I also found Ryan Adams. (Side rant: If you don't know who Ryan Adams is (NOT BRYAN ADAMS), I urge you to purchase one of his albums. It doesn't matter which one, they are all amazing. This is your chance to learn what good music is and should be.) When my dear friend Eric Covington introduced me to Ryan, my music taste (and life) changed drastically. Thank you Eric, I will always be indebted to you as far as my hearing goes.

So, anyway, the summer of 2006 was really great, and yet at the same time really hard for me for many undisclosed reasons. I decided to take some vacation days and drove to Arkansas solo to visit some friends. While there, my favorite college friend Libby and I visited the local Best Buy. When I got there, I decided to go and see which Ryan Adams albums they had. They had 'Demolition' and 'Gold.' If I had the money, I would have bought both but decided on a coin flip to purchase 'Demolition.' On the drive back, I decided to listen. Wow. Amazing. I'm not sure what all Ryan has gone through in his life to make his music so powerful, but I applaud him and at the same time sympathize with him (even though he decided to marry that tramp, Mandy Moore) because he must have gone through some bad, bad times. My favorite track on this album is "Dear Chicago." If you are an Ituneser, spend 99 cents wisely and purchase it. I guarantee that you will relate.

#7 and Finally: Ray Lamontagne "Till The Sun Turns Black"

I would again, like to thank Eric Covington (who has amazing music taste) for gifting me with Ray Lamontagne's first full-length release "Trouble." I loved that album so much that I was given his sophomore release, "Till The Sun Turns Black" as a birthday gift the following year. This is actually the album of the day that I happened to grab from my car. So, it's currently playing on repeat. Ray's music is probably the most soothing music that I have ever listened to (with the exception of Damien Rice). He has a soft-spoken voice that can lull me into any sort of calm state. I love to play this album when getting ready in the mornings. Ray's music makes me want to behave. And to also be a better person. I can't say that about many things these days.

There you have it readers, I apologize for the length, but hope that the 5 minutes that you took to read my faves, has inspired you to share yours as well!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guess What Question My Team Got? (Plus Bonus Recipe) (TEAM PHOTO UPDATE)

Well, Mrs. Schillage finally uploaded her Game Night photos to Facebook so I decided to show you all who the real winners are. This is what I would like to call the A Team, with special guest, Ryan "Ron" Roberts:

John looks thrilled, as usual. Rachel, I know you are reading this, and I request that we make this a monthly affair. Thanks. Also, thanks to Chatty Cathy, I have a new dessert to bring. So, let's get on that, ok?

Flashback Tuesday

For today's Flashback Tuesday, I, not only, have decided to post an embarrassing one of myself in the Silver Spurs Milkmaid Classic Onesie and Over Carriage that was our 'school uniform', but also I wanted to introduce you all, formally, to Sue.

Sue is my mother and is actually the sweetest lady you'll ever meet. She was even sweet to me back in high school (during the years that I was forced to wear this monstrosity) when I went through what I like to call 'My Attitude Phase'. During this phase, I was super nice to everyone except Sue. Because I was in my teenage angst period and while still wanting to appear cool to my friends, I would 'act out' toward Sue for no given reason. Well, praise the Lord that high school is over and that I've mostly recovered from the Attitude Phase. The key word there was mostly.

I love you Sue and appreciate you for being the best mother I've ever had! (Yes, she does read this... I think.)