Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friends In High Places

Saturday evening, John's family and I loaded up the Durango and headed over to the Shreveport-Bossier Captain's game for a fun-filled evening. When we arrive, I discover that it's 'Free Bat Night', meaning that they were giving away fun-sized baseball bats. Here is what one looked like:

I thought it a little peculiar that there was a sticker planted on the end of said bats. So I took it upon myself to remove it in order to see what these Captains were trying to cover up:

(Thanks to Chance for being such a wonderful hand-model.) That right there, folks, is a Shreveport Sports logo!!!!! Apparently they had too many left over from last season and attempted a last minute quick fix in order to get rid of their overstocked supply. Scandal! You can't pull a fast one on me, Captains!

So we approach the skybox area where our seats are and it's as if I walk into my personal sporting event heaven. (For the record, I don't particularly like sporting events, and only go to get on John's good side.) In this personal heaven there are all you can eat hot dogs, hamburgers, peanuts, drinks (soft and not-so-soft), ice cream (Dip-N-Dots), french fries, and so on AND so on... Not to mention private bathrooms AND it is AIR CONDITIONED!!!!! I could do that type of sporting event every day of my life. This was my view of the game:

Pretty delightful, eh? The game wasn't so great, but John and I had a good time laughing at the grown men making smalltalk with Jim about how much they worship him and whatnot. Aren't we cute?:

Not a bad evening at all. I'd go back. Only if I could sit in Sporting Event Heaven again. It's nice being a VIP.


melissa said...

cute pic of you and John!

Dara M. said...

your ARE so VIP!

Kate said...

Thanks guys! We are such a handsome couple.

Jamie said...

How is San Diego? When can I come for a visit?? Oh, and J is going to be quite jealous when he learns you tasted that heaven!!!

Jamie said...

And yes, I now realize my previous post could possible raise an eyebrow or two...