Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Things That Happened That Shouldn't Have

Well tennis was an adventure, that's for sure. We went to retrieve our rackets, only to find out that, of course, they weren't where John said they were. So what did we do? Made a trip to Wal-Mart of course. JUST where I want to go at 7PM on a weekday. Surprisingly it wasn't slammed so I picked out my Maria Sharapova racket and went on my merry way.

(On a more interesting and exciting note, between the journey for rackets and the purchasing of rackets, I got a call that one of my best friends in the whole wide world got engaged!!! Congrats Laura!!!!! And Happy Birthday tomorrow.)

We get to the courts and do our stretching and prepare to battle. John:

A closeup for the ladies (he's super excited because he got a brand new Roger Federer racket):

So we got to it. We hit it back and forth to each other to warm up. I practiced my Anna Kournikova backhand, was running back and forth, fetching the balls, trying not to die, etc. All in all we 'played' for about 15 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. My knee started hurting and here I am now:

Great. My knee is swollen and I probably burned 50 calories. Also, don't judge me. Yes, I AM that white. And my camera flash is powerful.


melissa said...


Stephanie Jordan said...

Oh my god. I have tears streaming down my face this is so funny. I love the Adam close-up! This is your best yet!

Kate said...

Thanks Steph. Gotta get active. 10 year reunion coming up. Must look hot.

Anonymous said...

Oh Kate, I love that you were playing tennis almost as much as I love those pictures! Perhaps we can join you for a stroll around the Cob soon.

Kate said...

Yes, please do. My neighborhood is bigger and more cobbly that I previously thought. Perhaps you and Marcus could challenge us to a doubles match.


haha....coulda had some ritas! wait.....did you say 10 year reunion??? S$*T!!

Laury said...

thats too funny!
btw- don't be ashamed of your whiteness...i am just as white as you!