Sunday, May 31, 2009

Filthiest Event in Shreveport

Friday evening, after a quick nap, I joined Mr. Mark Crawford at most likely the sleaziest event that I've ever been to (with the exception of Lingerie Night at the Phoenix Underground which I was semi-tricked into going to): The WET Pool Party at Diamond Jacks Casino. For the record, I only went in order to meet one of my favorite radio personalities: Big Al Mack from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning... which I did:

If you can't tell by the photo, yes, he is wearing an ELECTRIC YELLOW shirt with Carlton's portrait. Also, he has a radio face.

After meeting Al, the party took a dramatic nosedive. I spotted the Keithville version of Kate from Jon and Kate Minus Morals:

I also spotted my childhood choir teacher getting ready for some bikini contest action, which grossed me out on MANY levels.

Above you can see him lounging in a pool chair. If you grew up at SGBC, then you should be able to recognize that red hair and strappy man-sandal motif immediately. Creepy.

So once we observed this 'Party' for about an hour we left. Thank God. That place was so sleazy and I did not want to see anymore breasts and cellulite parading around handing out leis (which was probably a euphomism for something), although I did get a free Malibu slap bracelet. Ah, memories from 2nd grade (the slap bracelet, not Malibu).

After our departure, we ended up at Columbia Cafe, where I had never eaten before, and it was DELICIOUS! They even had a 99 Cent Martini Special:

Mark and I caught up on the neighborhood gossip and visited with the Cafe owner, who was super friendly. I hate that I ended up missing the ladies of Bossier parading around in their swimsuits in hopes to win money, but I am more than okay with the pleasant ending to my Friday evening.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Speaking of Hating My Hair

I decided this afternoon, following a blog entry about how I'm sick of my long hair, to cut my hair. Just thought I'd share. Front:

Pardon the black oval on my face. I am having an unfortunate face day in which my skin thought it would be fun to break out. And I didn't feel like wearing makeup.

Here's the back (please disregard the crap on the hand mirror). This took several tries to capture:

Anyway, this is my new shoulder length do. Now hopefully I can discard my can of Psssssst.

Room for Improvement

I occasionally have those mornings where I wake up late and don't have the energy or time to wash, dry, straighten this mane of hair on my head without being late for work. Actually, usually I have plenty of time but I'm just too lazy to do it. It takes me FOREVER to dry my hair and I get so overheated due to hair dryer that I've gotten to the point of just drying it halfway and saying "Screw You" to the rest of it. On top of the heat-issue, my hair has gotten to a length where it isn't easy to lean my head over the bathtub and wash it effectively anymore. (For the record, I take baths at night and don't wash my hair at the same time because if I sleep on it after washing it, it gets all lumpy and wavy and not right. Just letting yall know that I bathe every day.) Enter Psssssst (pronounced like it's spelled):

Side story: Once upon a time, my good friend Melissa and I took a trip to Drug Emporium in search of Psssssst, because that is where Barber Sass informed me that it can be purchased inexpensively. We walk in D.E. and peruse the never ending shampoo aisles. There are seriously like 3 shampoo aisles, which is a little ridiculous, but it's good to know that they have such a nice selection. Anyway, so I look and look and look and I can't find the Psssssst ANYWHERE. Great. So Melissa and I go to the cashier area and ask for assistance. We tell the girl what we're looking for and she points us to condoms. No! We tell her. Psssssst isn't a type of contraceptive, it is spray shampoo. Finally we find it with no help from her. We laughed for a long time about that story at the time... Ah memories.

So, like I was saying before, Psssssst can be a real lifesaver when you are too lazy to wash your hair. You simply point and shoot where your hair looks greasy (i.e. territory where an egg could be fried), and it sprays white talc or something that I'm sure is really harmful to the environment as well as yourself and off you go with perfect 'clean' hair. Barber Sass also told me that Ken Paves uses Psssssst on Jessica Simpson's hair (which I'm sure is true since it is rumored that she is an unbathing, disgusting person. I know this because she craps in her wardrobe from film sets... another story, another day.) instead of washing it. Barber Sass' mother D.D. also told me that Psssssst, as she pronounced P.S.S.S.S.S.S.T., was a hot commodity in the 70's, back when people flat ironed their hair with actual irons.

I am not upset at all about not being born in that decade if you were wondering. So, I used Psssssst a few times. It just doesn't work right for me. I find that unless you have dirty to light blond colored hair, it leaves gray/white streaks where there should be beautiful strawberry locks. So, instead of looking clean, I just look old. I think that I should write the headquarters of Psssssst and tell them that they could better their product if it came in different shades. White could be for blonds, brown for red/brunettes, and black for black-headed people. I should be a marketing strategist.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Poll of the Week

Well, Readers, last weeks poll was decided by a landslide. My Hottest British Celeb Crush is:

Hey Jude, is right! Meow!! OK. There's a new poll up. If you care to vote, I'd love to know your opinion!

Well It's About Time

One way that my readers know that it is time for a much needed weekend, is when all I can think about is relaxing with a drink. (Just a note, I am not a drunk, though some people believe that I am.)

So when I got a particular email today, I nearly jumped out of my chair in excitement. The Red River Revel/CORK Wine Festival will now be having an annual Beer Tasting Festival called "Brew"!! How clever of them.

BREW will be October 17th (I'm assuming one night during the Revel) from 3-6PM with some closing concert by Robert Earl Keen, who I have no idea who that is, nor do I care. You should visit for the complete beer/food lineup. The options are pretty extensive being that I haven't heard of most of them. There are some familiar faces in there though with Boddington's, Bass, Becks, and Blue Moon. What beautiful alliteration!

Things That Suck

John, bless his heart, has been hard at work photo-documenting his trip for me. I told him to take as many pictures as he can and email them to me (with captions) so that I can feel as though I am right there with him. What an angel! This is the one that lulled me to sleep last night:

Most of John's photos are blurry because he is embarrassed to use the flash in front of people (I told him, "it's not like you'll ever see those people again. Flash away (not that kind of flashing)!"), so I have to deal with it and attempt to decipher these photos. Well, according to this photo he went last night to a San Diego watering hole and noticed that they served my favorite wine! This looks to me to be the Penfolds Hyland Shiraz that I blogged about a few weeks ago. John's Man-Training is finally starting to bear some fruit. It's only taken a year.

Anyway, so I was so excited about getting to enjoy some wine this weekend when I stumbled across this article online this morning:


If you can't or don't feel like reading the article, I'll summarize. Basically the government is going to increase the Sin Tax on beer/wine/hard liquor in order to pay for health care costs under the Messiah's Universal Health Care Plan. The people who will be paying the most tax are the (guess who) wine drinkers with a 233% tax increase per bottle. Beer drinkers will see a 145% increase per six pack and hard liquor drinkers will have 19% increase per fifth. (Note to self, Screwdrivers and Bloody Mary's will have to become new drink of choice.)

Oh also, soda (not diet soda) and sugary drinks will see a 3 cent tax increase on 12 ounce bottles. Yeah, because that's fair. So after 10 years, this tax will raise $50 billion to go towards healthcare for people who don't feel like paying for it.

Kate is officially mad. Why can't they increase tax on fast food? Plastic surgery? Elective surgery? Butter? Tanning? Potato chips? Televisions? Game systems? I mean seriously. I would consider moving to Europe or somewhere else, but they are worse off than America at this point.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Capturing the Essence of Broadmoor

When young singles/young married couples/elderly people look to purchase real estate in the Greater Shreveport-Bossier area, most of the time the first place they look is in a quaint little neighborhood called Broadmoor. Broadmoor has streets filled with children playing and laughing, young twenty somethings jogging or walking their dog and enjoying the bungalow/cottage feel of the city. It really is a beautiful place to live and raise a family or to retire.

Today as I was perusing this neighborhood with my friend Chris, I see what I believe to be a blow up sex doll in the back of someone's yard. I point out said blow up sex doll to him and he says "No! I think that was a real person." We slam on the breaks and turn to look and sure enough, it was a real live woman laying out in her backyard, in pretty much nothing. We decided she was alive because I'm pretty sure I saw her take a swig of Boone's Farm "Strawberry Hill."

We make an immediate U-Turn.

We drive past again only to honk at her and drive away laughing. Then Chris realizes, "Do you have your camera?" Of course I do!!! I take it everywhere I go in case something as ridiculous as this should actually happen. I cringe at the thought of actually posting this photo, but hell, she put it all out there and CLEARLY wanted to be seen or she wouldn't have been doing this:

Apparently I spoke too soon yesterday when I posted Ultrasound Lady and called her the Epitome of Classiness, because this trumps the X-Ray of her uterus on display for all of Shreve Island to see. If this doesn't scream "Welcome to Broadmoor" I don't know what does.

John's Big Adventure

As I am typing this, John is driving cross-country from Baton Rouge to San Diego behind the wheel of a U-Haul truck. No, he isn't moving away. He is helping his brother Jim with the moving of his belongings from House B (Baton Rouge) to House S (San Diego). His friend Mark went along with him to share in the driving duties. People ask me why I didn't go with him and I reply, "We have enough relationship tests already. I don't want to have to bury him somewhere along the Mexico border. I guess a shovel would be relatively easy to pack, though."

John doesn't get good service along I-10 (also known as the Christopher Columbus Transcontinental Highway says Wiki), so the way that I know that he is alive and well is through photos via email. Using my Scientific Method Reasoning Skills, I decide where I think each photo was taken. Every few hours or so, I get one of these:

I think this one was taken somewhere in Texas.Probably El Paso. He is intrigued by the mesas (Mesa is the Spanish word for 'Table'. Thanks Senorita Stinson!) he says. Who knows where it really is. Here is another:

I am usually not lucky enough to get captions, however this one was entitled "Sunset in Mexico." I didn't know he was actually going through Mexico, but perhaps that is it over there in the distance.

This one I received around 11ish last night so there's really no telling. Maybe near Las Cruces, New Mexico? He stayed in Tuscon last night, so maybe this was along Arizona somewhere. The mountains are pretty! I applaud him on getting the least amount of glass reflection as possible.

This one just in:

Nice use of bird crap in the composition! From an artsy point of view, of course. This must be somewhere between Tuscon and Yuma, Arizona. (I whipped out my Geography skills and decided that soon or probably already, they have re-routed from I-10 to I-8. I hope at least.) So they must have about six hours to go until they are finally in the Whale's Vagina!

People That I Can't Get Enough Of

Let me start this entry by saying I LOVE CHELSEA!!!

No, not that Chelsea (the Soccer Club over in England, though I do like to say they are my favorite team because of my love for their human namesake.)

This Chelsea is the one that I'm referring to:

Handler, that is. I absolutely cannot get enough of her. I get so thrilled when I get home and my DVR has an episode of Chelsea Lately waiting for me. Sometimes this girl just needs a good laugh.

Occasionally, when I ask people how they feel about her (in order to secretly test our friendship) and they say that they don't like her, it makes me question their character. Chelsea is hilarious. Her comedic timing is impeccable. She is open about all aspects of her life. She isn't afraid to make fun of any topic, including, but not limited to, herself, her family, her boyfriend, her guests, her staff, Chuy, etc. (By the way, Chuy is pretty great too:)

The people that she can't stand are the same people that I can't stand!!! Coincidence? I think not. (These people include: Tori Spelling, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, The Jonas Brothers, Tyra Banks, Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus, Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan. I would add Sarah Jessica Parker and Katherine Heigl to my list. I should email her and see what she thinks about them.)

I think that one of the reasons that some people don't like her is that some people are intimidated by how brazen and outspoken she is. She doesn't skirt around issues. She is not afraid to say anything or ask any question. Just last night she asked Lisa Rinna "What happened to your face?"

I'll leave you with a nugget of wisdom from Chelsea herself: "I went out with a guy who once told me I didn’t need to drink to make myself more fun to be around. I told him, I’m drinking so that you’re more fun to be around."
Happy Wednesday, Lambs!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Epitome of Classy

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it has finally happened! Pregnancy has hit a new low. This weekend as John and I were dining at a local chicken wing establishment, we were not surprised at all to see a 8.5 months pregnant black lady enter with 6 children in tow. We were, however, surprised to see this:

Look closely readers, and you will see that her shirt portrays something that I am still shocked to say that I saw. It is a screen printing of her current ultrasound with the caption "Yeah, It's A Boy!"
I don't really know what else to say here.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Friends In High Places

Saturday evening, John's family and I loaded up the Durango and headed over to the Shreveport-Bossier Captain's game for a fun-filled evening. When we arrive, I discover that it's 'Free Bat Night', meaning that they were giving away fun-sized baseball bats. Here is what one looked like:

I thought it a little peculiar that there was a sticker planted on the end of said bats. So I took it upon myself to remove it in order to see what these Captains were trying to cover up:

(Thanks to Chance for being such a wonderful hand-model.) That right there, folks, is a Shreveport Sports logo!!!!! Apparently they had too many left over from last season and attempted a last minute quick fix in order to get rid of their overstocked supply. Scandal! You can't pull a fast one on me, Captains!

So we approach the skybox area where our seats are and it's as if I walk into my personal sporting event heaven. (For the record, I don't particularly like sporting events, and only go to get on John's good side.) In this personal heaven there are all you can eat hot dogs, hamburgers, peanuts, drinks (soft and not-so-soft), ice cream (Dip-N-Dots), french fries, and so on AND so on... Not to mention private bathrooms AND it is AIR CONDITIONED!!!!! I could do that type of sporting event every day of my life. This was my view of the game:

Pretty delightful, eh? The game wasn't so great, but John and I had a good time laughing at the grown men making smalltalk with Jim about how much they worship him and whatnot. Aren't we cute?:

Not a bad evening at all. I'd go back. Only if I could sit in Sporting Event Heaven again. It's nice being a VIP.

I Got New Knobs!

Last weekend when John and I went to Dallas, we did quite a bit of shopping, which is unusual for us since we don't have extra money to spend on such frivolous activity. So we went to this amazing mall in Plano that has a store of which I like to call the 'Mothership'. Others may refer to it as Anthropologie.

After I dropped John off at a gigantic Dick's (no pun intended) Sporting Goods, I wander over to the Mothership. I head immediately to the Clearance Room to see if there's anything good being offered. Of course there are 8-10 people crammed in there so I couldn't get a good look at anything other than what was near the entrance/exit. And that's where I spotted a superb find! Drawer pulls!!!

Now anyone that knows me or has been to my house, knows that I have some less-than-classy drawer pulls in my 1/2 bath. Otherwise known as these:

Please excuse the red paint on Pull #3. Sometimes I get a little carried away with home improvement projects such as painting. Anyway, so I found some really cute new ones but there weren't four that matched. I decided to whip out my Artistic License and get ones that had similar elements in them (the color red) instead. This is what they look like now:

I was so proud of my find! Not only because I feel that they are a vast improvement over the random blue flowers, but because I got them for $2 when they were regular $14 each!!!! I love being a Frugal Frannie!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise Part 2

This morning as I was lying around in my underwear watching Sex and The City reruns that my DVR decides to record, my doorbell rang. I looked at the door thinking, "Oh God, what does that trashy 15 year old slut that lives next door want now? Last time it was cooking oil, the time before that she wanted to use my phone." I swear if I see her parading around in her bikini in front of her house one more time, I AM SELLING MY HOUSE AND MOVING! I DIDN'T PLAN ON LIVING NEXT DOOR TO KEITHVILLE WHEN I SIGNED THOSE LOAN PAPERS!!! Breathe, Kate.

So anyway. As I was saying, when my doorbell rang this morning I stared at the door. I thought. She wouldn't ring the doorbell. I'm not wearing a bra. She would knock, twice, like she always does, right? I'm so glad that I decided on putting on pants before I came downstairs this morning. Sigh. I answer the door and behold, I see this face instead of Slutty McGee:

My friend Aarin Alford from Ruston!!! One of my favorite people in the whole entire world!!!! Ok she wasn't actually wearing the Cleopatra mask. She really looks like this minus the frowny face:

She came in and plopped down in a chair as though it had been yesterday that we had last seen each other (really it had last been Fall 2007). We visited, went and grabbed some enchilada soup from Cantina Laredo (which is DELICIOUS by the way. And not too expensive), then she returned me in her chariot (which is an enormous tank of a vehicle, also known as Sherman the Lincoln Navigator) and then she was on her way back to Ruston. It seemed like a blink of an eye she was here, then gone. What a wonderful Memorial Day weekend surprise I had!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting to Know My Famous (Future) Brother In Law

John Belushi has a semi-famous younger brother that we will call... Jim Belushi. Here is a photo of the two (Jim has a black rectangle over his face, thus making him unrecognizable in order to protect John and I from being overwhelmed with new friends who are only after us for our connections. Seriously, people come out of the woodworks, just like the crazies who attend Prince concerts. No offense to those in Keithville):

Note the striking similarities between them. Well, John and I have been dating for well over a year and I STILL haven't gotten a lot of time to really get to know Jim or his wife (sorry to disappoint, ladies). So this evening, John has invited me to ride with him to the metropolis of Tyler to pick up Jim from the airport, followed by dinner. Then on Saturday, we will attend a sporting event with the entire family that will involve a childhood favorite of mine: The Shreveport Captains. They still have the ice cream in the hat-bowls, folks!

I'm a little too excited about the ice cream cup hats! Anyway, I've never been to a public event with Jim so I'm sure he will be bombarded with people who are kissing his ass and will ask him the same questions over and over again. For example:

How's San Diego? Is LT nice? When can I come visit? etc.

Annoying, right? I mean, MY fans don't ask those types of questions. (Jim handles it a lot more graciously and humbly (is that a word?) than I ever would, which says a lot about what a nice person he is.) Anyway, I did hear that John and Jim's mother was going to try to get us press box seats (since we are VIP and everything) so perhaps, the Keithvillians will stay in the cheap seat bleachers where they belong. Let's all just pray that is the case.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Directions

So I got a new layout because that damned dandelion was driving me crazy making my pictures look all funky and everything. So behold: The Animated Sunglasses. When I changed layouts it deleted my widgets (i.e. those things over there to the right) so my poll got deleted. All 10 of you who had already voted for the hottest Britishman that Kate is in love with, please go re-vote. I need it to be accurate so that I can sleep at night.


Things I Love (Probably Prematurely)

On Tuesday evening when I got home from work, I remembered that I had been wanting to see the premiere of "Glee" - Fox's newest show about, what else, a Glee Club (named the New Directions):

I was super excited about this new show since ABC decided that they would cancel all of the other shows I liked. Hopefully this one will have some staying power, since they aren't in control of it's fate! The first episode didn't even feature the main reason that I wanted to watch. Kristen Chenoweth:

(If you don't recognize her, she is the precious little angel from Pushing Daisies and also is a huge Broadway star, after most notably playing Glinda the Good Witch in "Wicked.") It turned out that the Pilot didn't even need her (she won't appear until a few episodes into the series when she shows up as a former Glee Club member from years past). I am very excited about this, because this little lady can sing!!! If you haven't seen her in the Funny or Die video that she did called "Intervention with Kristen Chenoweth," I suggest that you do. She plays a singing/dancing interventionist. I'll even provide you with the video:

Intervention with Kristen Chenoweth

Glee was really funny. I totally forgot that Jane Lynch (from the 40 Year Old Virgin) was also in the show. She gives off her signature lesbian overtones while playing a neurotic coach of the "Cheerios" (the cheerleading squad.) I even tested it on John to see if he would crack a smile at the show, and it turns out that he absolutely did! I can't wait for next Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Baking With Bernice

The past two weeks I've decided to have some quality time with my Granny. She is a precious little lady that I adore and am thankful that she has decided to apprentice me in what she knows best... Pies.

Last week we made a chocolate pie:

That recipe made two pies. (One I took to croquet, which was devoured by the Elite 8. The other, I took to my mother-in-law as a peace offering. I received a text from her well past midnight telling me that she stood over the counter eating it out of the tin with a spoon. Guess it was good.)

Today, we made a "Lemon Ice Box Pie":

Okay. Guilty. So it's a picture of the same pie, but they look the same anyway after the cool whip is on top. Here is a recipe for the Lemon version:

1 can sweetened condensed milk
2 egg yolks (she underlined yolks, no whites)
Stir real good
Add 3/4 cup REAL lemon juice.
Stir well until it gets thick and pour into cookie crust. (Store-bought graham cracker crust. Super 1 has a special on them for 50 cents each right now, she informed me.)
Bake at 350 for 15 minutes.
Let cool and top with Cool Whip

And there you have it. Bernice's secret Lemon Ice Box pie recipe. You are welcome readers, you are welcome. Next week, we will be learning how to make 'That Green Stuff' that she swears is delicious. The week after that, Caramel Pies. Stay tuned.

Warning: This May Be A Long One (Or Maybe Not)

I have somewhat of a bone to pick with ABC. So, apparently they went and cancelled two shows that I semi-enjoyed watching on a regular basis. Samantha Who? and Cupid:

(I'm not sure why Barry Watson was left out of the above Samantha Who? Cast Photo)

Now, I realize that these aren't groundbreaking shows or anything, but they are a nice, lighthearted break from some of the other crap that they show on their network constantly (i.e. Dancing With The Stars, In The Motherhood (which is literally crap, stick to your webisodes Jenny McCarthy), The Bachelor, Supernanny, Wife Swap, I could go on and on...
As I was sitting here racking my brain as to why they would cancel these shows, all of a sudden it hits me. These shows have connections to What About Brian? (which was cancelled two years ago and sent me into a downward life spiral):

Both of these shows have actors who starred in What About Brian? It seems that when an actor from Brian goes on to a new show, they curse the new show with cancellation, with the exception of a very small handfull.

See for yourself:

Barry Watson (who played Brian Davis):

He starred on Samantha Who? as Todd the love interest and the show was cancelled. Perhaps he shouldn't do shows with questions in the title.

Rick Gomez (Dave Greco):

Rick starred on Cupid as Felix. Now cancelled. It does appear that he has signed on to be in the next Transformers. Hope that works out better for him.

Krista Allen (Bridget Keller... not ringing a bell? Well she was the slutty co-worker of Brian that he ended up dating and I'm pretty sure they had a sex scene on a desk in their office):

(This was the only photo I could find. Sorry for the boob shot, or depending on who is reading, you are very welcome.) Apparently all that Miss Krista here has been on since Brian was one episode of Cashmere Mafia, which was cancelled. She played "Victoria."

Stacy Keibler (Stephanie, Brian's sexy co-ed downstairs neighbor who sparked a lot of drama with ole Bridget up there with the boobs):

While Stacy went on to appear on the 2nd season of Dancing With The Stars (and coming in 2nd), she also made a short stint on October Road, which was cancelled after it's 2nd season (what's with her and 2nd's?)

Now that's enough negativity for one post perhaps. I'll go on to list the What About Brian? cast members who are seeing slightly better days than these other ones:

Sarah Lancaster (Marjorie Seaver):

Sarah here is currently starring on Chuck as Chuck's sister Ellie. Good for her that Chuck hasn't been cancelled... yet.

Rosanna Arquette (Nicole Varzi):

Rosanna here hasn't done much since Brian. However, she is in the new TV movie "Northern Lights" starring LeAnn Rhimes and that dude that she cheated on her husband with. Rosanna's character's name is Charlene. This is how you know it will be good.

Finally, we have Jessica Szohr (Laura):

(Jessica) Laura here (the roommate of Stacy Keibler's character) was probably my least favorite because she was SUPER annoying and whiney, however, she has gone on to have the most success of the others. She is now the face of some cosmetic or soap or something and she has a pretty good role where she is less annoying on Gossip Girl (as Vanessa).

Well, all I have to say is that I hope ABC learns their lessons about continually reusing the actors in Brian. They apparently don't have audience appeal or their shows would get better ratings, right? I guess I'll go back to watching the Game Show Network since everything I get interested in gets cancelled.

New Poll of the Week!

Last week's Poll "How Do You Feel About Flo the Progressive Insurance Girl?" gave us the results of 41% annoying (with an overwhelming 5 votes).

Who can say they are surprised? Thanks to all 12 of you for your votes and feel free to vote on the new poll!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Things That I'm Proud Of (Even If It Ends Up Sucking)

Once upon a time (over a year ago) I worked on a little movie that I like to call 'My Baby.' I refer to it the way I do because this was the first project where I was in charge of EVERY background actor. Big responsibility. Well I just learned that 'My Baby' will be released in September 2009 and there is now a trailer available. Please watch and take note of how wonderful the extras look. (And before you ask, YES, I met Jesse Metcalfe, Michael Douglas and Amber Tamblyn. Yes, they were all nice. And no I don't have photos with them. I try to seem cool and uninterested on set, when really I'm about to have heart failure.)

This is a photo of myself on set the first day of filming. I was very excited!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A Pleasant Surprise!

Saturday John and I left for Dallas to go to the Seattle Sounders/FC Dallas soccer game. He got me pumped up about going because of the really good incentives that were offered (Free Drew Carey glasses AND a possible chance to play Plinko at halftime). I asked him if the Actual Drew Carey was going to be there and he told me "Um no. Why would he go to a game in Dallas? Dallas is the worst team in the league." Okay, no biggie, it will still be fun.

So we got there and got our free glasses and decided to take some fun pictures:

It was really funny b/c everyone in the stadium was wearing these glasses. Everyone looked ridiculous, but it was cool because despite looking stupid, everyone wore them anyway. So as we are laughing at how much dumber the little kids looked in them (b/c they were way too big) John spots one of the VIPs from the Sounders' Club. (This is how the conversation went:)

John: "See that guy over there?"

Kate: "No." (I am barely even paying attention because I'm reviewing our pictures we just took.)

John: "That's one of the team owners or Big Wigs. You can tell because he is wearing one of the official warm-up jackets. See how that one has two stripes under the arms? I think that guy's name is..... OMG THERE'S DREW CAREY!!!!!!!"

Kate: "Where?"

John: "Right there."

Kate: "I still don't see him."


Kate: "Oh. Neat. Go ask him for a picture for my blog.":

As you can see, Drew was not wearing Drew Carey glasses. We, who looked like idiots, were. I hope he wasn't offended and didn't think we were weird. He goes on to ask us why we were Seattle fans (via his Flip Mino video camera, just like the video camera I have) and we had a 2-3 minute conversation with him. John doesn't let me speak during this time for fear of embarrassing him. Drew asked us our names and John said "Adam Hester and Kate Warren." I can only get out "Hi I'm Kate" during the meeting because John is talking so quickly. He claims that he was excited/nervous but whatever. I've met SO MANY famous people that I'm okay with not talking to him (typed with a hoity-toity voice in my head). Joking.
The game was a little disappointing since it was a draw but I did get to showcase my scarf:

It was a fun little trip and I can't wait to go to the home game in Seattle. I'm bringing my glasses with me.